Agave americana 'Opal'

Hardy A. americana variegate! We got this Agave americana variegate, having blue-green leaves with a cream edge, from Tony Avent of Plant Delights Nursery. He originally got it from a customer in Roanoke, VA. The plant looks similar to many of the marginally variegated A. americanas, but this similarity is only superficial. In our experience the standard A. americana var. marginata is only borderline hardy. It also can't take much sun and heat without scalding and looking tired; never looking happy in our landscape. 'Opal' though has taken full-sun, heat and cold (down into the low 20s) and looks good in the landscape. So far, after 2 years in the ground, the plant has kept a moderate size and neat appearance.
Garden origin
8 to 10
4 feet x 6 feet
$12.50 Half-Pint #Y10-87  In stock

Notes and observations about this plant

This is a great looking agave. However, be prepared to cover younger plants during severe cold spells. Mine froze to the ground during this year's harsh winter here in Austin. (Posted on 3/11/2010 by Hank).

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