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Agave americana var. protoamericana 'Lemon Lime'

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  • Agave americana var. protoamericana 'Lemon Lime'
  • Agave americana var. protoamericana 'Lemon Lime'


Agave americana var. protoamericana 'Lemon Lime'

Y05-74 — Zone 8b to 10Garden Origin

Lemon Lime Agave!

This Agave americana variegate is not your typical white or yellow or cream combined with green. The variegation is a bizarre combination of greens. Down the center of each leaf runs a broad central band that is a light greenish color, reminiscent of cream of spinach soup. The outer leaf margins are a bluish kale-green color. We suppose Agave 'Spinach and Kale Soup' would be a hard cultivar name to promote!

Over all the form of the plant is much like any Agave americana but the leaves are a bit longer and tend to have a slight wavy hint to them. A plant that draws many comments and is beautiful in an odd sort of way regardless of how you describe the color combination.

Full Sun
Great for Containers
Grows to 4 feet x 3 feet.
Quart $25.00
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Notes and observations about this plant

difficult in Georgia by Barry
In Brunswick, GA, I have tried this one various times during my years of agave growing. However, it has been extremely difficult to keep alive in the ground. It ALWAYS dies, rots, "disentegrates", etc. I am currently growing maybe my 7th one.....so we'll see how it goes! lol (Posted on 6/2/12)
Wise investment by jerry
I wouldn't know how to begin to describe this incredibly beautiful agave. A wise investment for your garden. (Posted on 11/13/11)

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