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Yucca Do Nursery, Inc. specializes in drought and heat tolerant plants. We're known for our wonderful selection of agaves, yuccas, and bromeliads, but we also sell palms, cycads, cacti, and more! Browse all of our plants below, or select a category at left to narrow things down a bit.

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Acacia rigidula - Dryden, TX Zone 8a to 10

Blackbrush Acacia! Blackbrush Acacia is a small multi-trunked, tree or shrub reaching a height of about 12' tall. The small, compound leaves are a dark, dark green in color and appear almost black when compared to the f... More

Pint $12.75

Acer grandidentatum -- Kerr, Co. TX New! Zone 6 to 9b

Hill Country Big Tooth Maple! The Lost Maples of the Texas Hill Country.... More

Pint $16.00

Sale: $14.40

Aechmea distichantha Zone 9a to 10

Giant Aechmea! The largest growing hardy bromeliad you can grow in the deep south. The light green leaves are heavily armed and outreaching, so plant away from the garden path but in view of a window where on cold w... More

3-Gallon $48.00

Sale: $43.20

Aechmea gamosepala - Peroba, Santa Catarina, Brazil New! Zone 9a to 10

In 2004 we traveled in an area of Southern Catarina State Brazil where agriculture has replaced the vast majority of native forest. Amongst the fields of rice, cattle pastures and other crops the nati... More

Division $25.00

Sale: $20.00

Aechmea lindenii - Praia do Gravata site Zone 9 to 10

Years ago we came across this Aechmea growing beneath the Butia palms on the sand dunes and rocky ledges of southern Santa Catarina State in Brazil. The plant forms upright, vase shaped, olive-green ... More

Division $38.00

Aechmea nudicaulis var. flavomarginata New! Zone 9b to 10

Glow in the shade Bromeliad! This stunning variegate of Aechmea nudicaulis is beautiful and easy to grow. The upright, vase shaped rosettes are dark green in color but are highlighted by a bright-golden marginal edge. This glow i... More

Division $28.00

Aechmea recurvata var. recurvata Zone 8b to 10

The papa bear! If aechmeas were the three bears. This is the big one with a large, showy flower spike belted in red bracts from which purple flowers emerge. This spike arches above the foliage and is produced in mid... More

Division $14.50

Agave americana var protoamericana 'Pokey Ghost' Zone 7b to 10

Silver select! This selection of A. americana var. protoamericana was selected because of the silver coloration to the leaves, the pronounced teating of the leaf margins and its compact size. The silver lea... More

Out of stock

Agave americana var protoamericana - local cultivate Zone 7b to 10

Tough as Leather! This is most likely a form of Agave americana protoamericana or one of the A. protoamerican intergrades with A. asperima (syn. A. scabra) that has been cultivated ... More

Out of stock

Agave americana var. protoamericana 'Lemon Lime' Zone 8b to 10

Lemon Lime Agave!

This Agave americana variegate is not your typical white or yellow or cream combined with green. The variegation is a bizarre combination of greens. Down the center of each leaf runs a bro... More

Quart $25.00

Agave americana var. protoamericana 'Silver Surfer' Zone 7b to 10

Silver Surfer Agave! Tony Avent of Plant Delights Nursery made this fine Agave selection out of a batch of seedlings he grew from seed we sent him years ago. This plant grows in form much like many A. americana var. ameri... More

Pint $18.00

Sale: $14.40

Agave americana var. protoamericana - Ciudad Victoria, MX site Zone 7 to 10

Hardy with great form! This variety does not attain the mammoth proportions of the cultivated Agave americana that punctuates the Mediterranean climes. Instead, it has an upright compact form that has proven to be very desi... More

Out of stock

Agave bracteosa Zone 7b to 10

Octopi! A spineless and toothless agave that resembles a group of octopi laying amongst the boulders. The 24 in. wide rosettes of bright-green leaves offset to form colonies in their native habitat clinging t... More

Pint $14.00

Agave bracteosa 'Calamar' Zone 7b to 10

Recalling calamar! Pat McNeal chose this non-clumping form to be the first of the Agave bracteosa's to be tissue cultured. The cultivar name 'Calamar' implies a form more marine-like than plant-like. In its native habit... More

Pint $16.50

Agave bracteosa 'Monterrey Frost' Zone 8 to 10

Frosted squid! Wow! Wow! (a moment to catch ones breath) Oh my Gosh! Wow! This is a typical response of people when they first get to see this marginally variegated form of Agave bracteosa. The plant is so stunning ... More

Half-Pint $28.00

Agave chiapensis Zone 9b to 10

Chiapas Agave! This relative of Agave celsii from the state of Chiapas, MX is superficially similar in appearance to it, but the leaves tend to be broader and stouter. The teeth on the margins of the leaves are also... More

Out of stock

Agave chrysoglossa Zone 9 to 10

Another Soap Agave! According to Gentry’s “Agaves of Continental North America”, Agave chrysoglossa is closely related to Agave vilmoriniana but the leaves are flatter and straighter and the inflorescence is non-bu... More

Pint $12.00

Sale: $6.00

Agave colimana Zone 9 to 10

- An attractive plant with long, narrow leaves and long filifers that form a single rosette. Found just above the Pacific coastline in places with high-tide salt spray. As the name suggests, it is nativ... More

Pint $12.00

Sale: $9.60

Agave dasylirioides Zone 9 to 10

Sotol maguey! This plant probably represents the oldest living relic of the agave clan - clinging to outcroppings of volanic rock in a climate that is mild and moist year around you begin to see that this not your ... More

Pint $14.00

Sale: $9.80

Agave durangensis Zone 8 to 10

Durango Agave!
This moderate to large growing Agave is found at moderate elevations (5500' to 8500') on open rocky slopes in the high grasslands of Durango and Zacatecas, MX. It has broad, silver leaves, which have ... More

Half-Pint $12.50

Sale: $7.50

Agave filifera ssp. schidigera (or ssp. microceps) Zone 8b to 10

Attractive pot specimen! Agave filifera and Agave schidigera are two very similar looking species that have always been difficult for an average collector to tell apart. The feature that has normally been used to separate the... More

Pint $11.00

Sale: $6.60

Agave funkiana Zone 7 to 10

Steely blue dagger! In the rain shadow of the Sierra Madre Oriental, south of CD Victoria this clumping agave makes an impressive show. Each individual plant has 18 in. to 2' tall dagger-like leaves that are a steely blu... More

Pint $12.50

Sale: $8.75

Agave garciae-mendozae Zone 8b to 10

Garcia Mendoza Century Plant! This is a recently described species from Central Mexico. The plant in form is much like plants from the Agave horrida complex of which this species is thought to be closely allied. It develops into a... More

Pint $14.00

Agave geminiflora Zone 9 to 10

Green explosion! This unusual and, in our opinion, most beautiful agave can be grown in a pot. The flexible, bright-green, pencil-like foliage is produced in such profusion that it becomes an explosion in green. With ... More

Quart $14.00

Sale: $9.80

Agave gentryi 'Jaws' Zone 7b to 10

In the late 1990's when John Fairey and I were making regular treks into Mexico, I spotted this heavily armed selection in a huge colony of Agave gentryi. It made a treacherous groundcover under the o... More

Pint $19.50

Items 1 to 25 of 295 total

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