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Yucca Do Nursery, Inc. specializes in drought and heat tolerant plants. We're known for our wonderful selection of agaves, yuccas, and bromeliads, but we also sell palms, cycads, cacti, and more! Browse all of our plants below, or select a category at left to narrow things down a bit.

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Aloe longistyla Zone 9 to 10

Karoo Aloe! Aloe longistyla is an interesting little aloe that originates from the arid Karoos of South Africa. The plant has qualities that are reminiscent of Aloe humilis and Aloe brevifolia but the rosettes ar... More

Half-Pint $15.00

Sale: $12.00

Aloe saponaria Hybrid Cultivate ? Zone 8a to 10

Hardy aloe! Finally, an aloe we can grow outside that survives in spite of heat and wet winters. These large, succulent perennials produce 3' tall candelabra-like panicles throughout the warm months. The pinkish-... More

Quart $14.75

Sale: $11.80

Aloe suprafoliata Zone 9 to 10

One way then another Aloe! This aloe is unique in that its growth habit changes as it ages. For a long period of time during this plants juvenile phase the leaves of the plant are distichous or stacked in two rows that parallel... More

Quart $14.75

Sale: $11.80

Aloe x 'Pepe' Zone 10 to 10

Pepe Aloe! This hybrid of Aloe descoingsii x A. haworthioides is one of my favorite aloes in my potted aloe collection. I love its tight, clustering habit of almost micro-sized, perfectly-symmetrical rosettes. I... More

Half-Pint $7.50

Sale: $4.50

Aloe x nobilis Zone 9b to 10

Golden Toothed Aloe
This Aloe x nobilis clone was given to us years ago by Tom Peace. Over the years that we have kept it in our container collection it has always been highly admired. In overall form, it is a c... More

Quart $14.50

Sale: $8.70

Anisacanthus quadrifidus var. wrightii - pumpkin orange fls Zone 7 to 10

Golden flame aniscanthus! This selected form is outstanding because of its clear pumpkin orange flowers. Mixing it with red flame anisacanthus makes a striking statement that the butterflies will revel in.... More

Quart $12.00

Sale: $8.40

Anisacanthus quadrifidus var. wrightii - Select Red Zone 7 to 9

Hummingbirds love them! Flame anisacanthus displays abundant, trumpet-like, cadmium-red flowers all summer, no matter how hot or dry it gets. This tough perennial needs a good haircut in late winter in order to maintain a sh... More

Out of stock

Antigonon leptopus Zone 8b to 10

Coral Vine! Though the botanical name Antigonon leptopus almost has the sound of some dreaded diseases that could causes warty bumps all over the body, it is not. Antigonon leptopus is however the perfectly harml... More

Out of stock

Aristolochia aff ridicula -- Laguna Tatarenda, Bolivia Zone 9b to 10

We saw this large vine Duchman’s Pipe in Southern Bolivia growing in a heavily forested area near a lake. We were amazed by the height at which the vines grew because they easily reached into the ca... More

Pint $11.00

Sale: $8.80

Aristolochia galeata Zone 9 to 10

Maroon Pelicans! The lush curtain effect of the heart-shaped leaves sets the stage for the pipe-like flowers which at times resemble birds in flight. The flowers on this species are quite large and colored a deep maro... More

Quart $15.00

Sale: $10.50

Aristolochia gibertii Zone 8b to 10

Pelicanoid Dovies! A very rare species in cultivation, which hails from Mato Grosso state in central Brazil. Unlike many Dutchman’s pipes which have flowers in heavy earthy tones ranging from warm chocolates to cream,... More

Quart $18.00

Sale: $12.60

Astrolepis sinuata Zone 7 to 9b

Wavy Scaly Cloakfern! I find xeric ferns so fascinating. After growing up with the notion that ferns only lived in humid, moist environs, to find there is a whole class of ferns that actually thrive in arid conditions, ki... More

Half-Gallon $16.50

Astrophytum myriostigma Zone 9 to 10

Bishop's Cap cactus! On my first trip to Mexico Carl took me to a limestone hill out in the middle of what seemed to be a vast expanse of nothing much. The area was in the rain shadow between two much higher ridgelines a... More

Pint $8.00

Sale: $6.40

Bauhinia galpinii Zone 8b to 10

Orange orchid tree!

This African orchid-tree has large coral-orange flowers, which are produced in such abundance that they completely cover this broad-spreading shrub from mid-summer until frost. The size and color o... More

Out of stock

Berberis trifoliolata Zone 6b to 9a

Agarita! This highly ornamental shrub has twisted, prickly, green to blue-green foliage mottled in silver; and as the name implies, the leaves are arranged in threes. Agarita's butter-yellow blooms suddenly ap... More

3-Gallon $40.00

Sale: $36.00

Beschorneria septentrionalis Zone 7b to 9

False red agave! Bright fuchsia-red cylindrical flowers are tipped in emerald green; the glossy red spike that carries them reaches 4' tall. Grow in deep-shade in the lower Southwestern states, and in sun in milder cl... More

Pint $16.00

Billbergia nutans - Narrow leaf form Zone 9a to 10

Narrow Leaf Queen's Tears! We knew that Billbergia nutans was native to Brazil and Argentina before we started traveling in these countries but we did not know exactly where. We always anticipated finding it at some time or ano... More

Division $22.00

Sale: $19.80

Brachychiton discolor Zone 9 to 10

Several years back we visited the Huntington Botanical Garden. When we were near the Chinese Garden we noticed a grouping of straight trunked trees with smooth gray bark that were labeled as Brachychi... More

Pint $12.50

Sale: $7.50

Brahea clara Zone 8b to 10

Droopy Blue Hesper Palm! Some list this plant as a variety of Brahea armata and others say it is a hybrid of B armata and B. brandegeei, whatever it really is I am impressed with it. This moderate growing, single trunked palm... More

Quart $18.00

Sale: $16.20

Caesalpinia ferrea var. leiostachya Zone 9b to 10

Leopard Tree, Brazilian Ironwood! A moderate size tree to 45' tall with a broad spreading canopy. The foliage is soft and ferny and the species has no spines. Small yellow flowers occur in clusters at the branch tips during the summer... More

Pint $12.00

Sale: $6.00

Caesalpinia gilliesii Zone 7b to 10

Desert Bird of Paradise This bird-of-paradise is native to Argentina but has naturalized in areas of western and central Texas. The large, showy yellow and red flowers on open racemes are exceptionally striking against the c... More

Gallon $14.50

Sale: $13.05

Caesalpinia pulcherrima Zone 8b to 10

Red-bird-of-paradise! This highly-ornamental summer flowering herbaceous perennial attracts all the neighbors' attention as well as butterflies and hummingbirds. Produced all summer long, the showy red flowers are held abo... More

Gallon $15.50

Calliandra houstoniana var. houstonian Zone 9a to 10

Cabell de Angel! Over the many years that we traveled in Mexico we came across many Calliandras. Some of our long time customers may remember the Bloody Nose Plant, (a.k.a. Calliandra grandiflora) that we offered for ... More

Quart $14.00

Callistemon phoeniceus Zone 8b to 10

Scarlet Bottlebrush! This relatively hardy Bottlebrush comes from Western Australia. It prefers moist, well-drained soil but is tolerant of poorly-drained, almost boggy sites. It has rigid, blueish leaves on a dense everg... More

Quart $15.00

Sale: $12.00

Callistemon polandii Zone 9a to 10

Gold-tipped bottlebrush! This specie's flowers are a bright red but sport golden tipped anthers, thus, the trait that gives the species it common name. This species generally grows to become a dense shrub at about 12' tall an... More

Quart $12.75

Sale: $7.65

Items 76 to 100 of 285 total

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