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These pineapple relatives make great container plants and are very forgiving in their cultural requirements

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Aechmea distichantha Zone 9a to 10

Giant Aechmea! The largest growing hardy bromeliad you can grow in the deep south. The light green leaves are heavily armed and outreaching, so plant away from the garden path but in view of a window where on cold w... More

3-Gallon $48.00

Aechmea gamosepala - Peroba, Santa Catarina, Brazil Zone 9a to 10

In 2004 we traveled in an area of Southern Catarina State Brazil where agriculture has replaced the vast majority of native forest. Amongst the fields of rice, cattle pastures and other crops the nati... More

Division $22.00

Aechmea nudicaulis var. flavomarginata Zone 9b to 10

Glow in the shade Bromeliad! This stunning variegate of Aechmea nudicaulis is beautiful and easy to grow. The upright, vase shaped rosettes are dark green in color but are highlighted by a bright-golden marginal edge. This glow i... More

Division $28.00

Aechmea recurvata var. recurvata Zone 8b to 10

The papa bear! If aechmeas were the three bears. This is the big one with a large, showy flower spike belted in red bracts from which purple flowers emerge. This spike arches above the foliage and is produced in mid... More

Division $14.50

Billbergia nutans - Narrow leaf form Zone 9a to 10

Narrow Leaf Queen's Tears! We knew that Billbergia nutans was native to Brazil and Argentina before we started traveling in these countries but we did not know exactly where. We always anticipated finding it at some time or ano... More

Division $17.00

Dyckia brevifolia 'Moon Glow' Zone 9 to 10

The moon glows! An irresistible color variant that marks the passing of time with new foliage that is canary yellow. As the foliage ages it slowly changes to dark green. This plant can communicate with its owner indi... More

Pint $20.00

Dyckia brevifolia 'Ribeirao do Cocho' - site Zone 8b to 10

Wild brevifolia! Dyckia brevifolia is an easy to cultivate plant that forms a compact rosette of bristly, rich-green succulent leaves. It performs best in well-drained soil, and likes some afternoon shade during the s... More

Quart $15.00

Dyckia choristaminea 'Frazzle Dazzle' Zone 8 to 10

Spaghetti bowl Dyckia! This Dyckia is versatile and tough. The small mature size and non lethal spines makes it touchable, easily manageable and quite suitable for pot culture. Its tolerance to cold (temperatures down into ... More

Pint $16.00

Dyckia dawsonii Zone 9a to 10

Spiny pinwheel! The symmetrical, pinwheel-like rosettes have a great amber-bronze color in good light. The margins of the leaves have prominent, sharp, recurving teeth that are a much lighter color compared to the le... More

Pint $18.00

Dyckia dawsonii x LFGMS Zone 9b to 10

Many moons ago we obtained this clone of D. dawsonii that has this weird notation after the name of LFGMS. No one has been able to explain the code and after growing it for years and comparing it to o... More

Gallon $42.00

Dyckia distachya Zone 9a to 10

Dyckia distachya is a small Dyckia species native to Santa Catarina, Brazil. It has small rosettes with green to reddish leaves and offsets slowly to form small colonies. The small rosettes resemble D... More

Pint $18.00

Dyckia encholirioides - Praia do Ervino site Zone 9a to 10

Var. spinosissima ??? This possibly new variety of Dyckia encholirioides hales from the praias (beaches in Portuguese) near San Francisco do Sul in the state of Santa Catarina , Brazil. In general, these plants ha... More

Quart $18.50

Dyckia marnier-lapostollei ssp estevesii- HBG 76185 Zone 9b to 11

Esteves Pinwheel Dyckia! Dyckia marnier-lapostollei is one of the first Dyckias a person will generally encounter in their gardening journey. It has been in cultivation for a long time and is widely grown by succulent collect... More

Quart $18.00

Dyckia platyphylla 'Silver Sheen' Zone 8b to 10

Silver Sheen! In this selection the entire plant is covered in silver down that causes the coca-cola green tint of the leaves to look a dusty silver. Great bud imprinting as well! These are great plants for pots or... More

Pint $15.00

Dyckia richardii Zone 9 to 10

We received seed of this recently described species from Dyckia collector Constanio Gastaldi of Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brazil several years ago. It is native to Goias State in Brazil. The plants f... More

Gallon $18.50

Dyckia sp. Bolivia Zone 9 to 10

A plant native to dry Chaco where it can be found with skinny stemmed tree cacti; leafless Mesquites, that have 8" thorns; Gymnocalycium pflanzii: several Echinopsis and enough other spiny things to s... More

Pint $19.50

Sale: $9.75

Dyckia sp. Campo Alegre, Santa Catarina - Mixed seedlings - 3 plants Zone 8b to 10

Natural variable Dyckia complex or hybrid swarm? In 2010, we had the opportunity to travel in and around the town of Campo Alegre, in Santa Catarina, Brazil, with Constantino Gastaldi as our guide. He showed us several populations of Dyckia around t... More

Quart $25.00

Dyckia velascana Zone 8a to 10

Silver starfish! This is possibly the most cold hardy Dyckia species. I say this because the plants from the area in Argentina where this species is native have proven to be quite cold hardy. Dyckias sold as La Rioja ... More

Pint $18.00

Dyckia velascana - Large wild clone. Zone 8b to 10

Big wild La Rioja collection! This plant represents our collection of a Dyckia in the area near La Rioja, Argentina in 2002. The plant has all of the same characteristics of the plant we have sold for many years that we got as Dyc... More

Gallon $45.00

Dyckia x 'Cherry Coke' Zone 8b to 10

Cherry Coke Dyckia! Over the years this Dyckia clone has consistently been one of our favorites. The dark, rich-red leaf color, the large overall mature size, and the tall, branching, floriferous flower spikes are all at... More

Pint $13.50

Dyckia x 'Olympiad' Zone 8b to 10

The deep chocolate-maroon leaves with short white spines sets this hybrid apart. The dense compact rosettes and heavy blooming habit guarantees this one as a container plant for plant crazed collector... More

Gallon $18.50

Dyckia x 'Picante' Zone 8b to 10

A hot, hot dyckia! Finally, we have enough of this show stopper to offer. This most sought-after dyckia here at the nursery has glossy, succulent, leaves that are rich maroon-chocolate color contrasted by silver spines.... More

Quart $22.00

Dyckia x 'Soda Straws' Zone 8b to 10

Soda Straw Dyckia! This seedling spontaneously occurred amongst other plants in the nursery several years ago and, thanks to keen eyes, it was spotted and saved. It produces numerous thin, narrow leaves which are modera... More

Gallon $19.00

Dyckia x 'Spider Witch' Zone 8b to 10

Spider Witch! This Dyckia hybrid is one our selections from a batch of Dyckia choristaminae x seedlings. We selected it because we like the unruly, mounding rosette composed of a multitude of narrow, 8 in. long, ri... More

Pint $11.50

Dyckia x (platyphylla x marnier-lapostol Zone 9a to 10

Spiny whirligigs! This hybrid came to us years ago from David Boudreaux of Louisiana. The plant, over time, develops into a mound of 10" to 12" symmetrical rosettes with leaves that are silver-grey in color. The way th... More

Gallon $22.00

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