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These pineapple relatives make great container plants and are very forgiving in their cultural requirements

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Hechtia argentea Zone 9a to 10

Silver spirals! If you like the terrestrial bromeliad tribes of Dyckia and Hechtia then this plant will be one of your favorite plants for container culture. The wide, symmetrical, rosettes spread out beautifully in ... More

Gallon $35.00

Hechtia lundelliorum Zone 9a to 10

Smooth flowing foliage! These bizarre epiphytes grow out of small crevices on sheer stone cliffs. The 3' long narrow spineless bright-green foliage cascades; at a distance resembling a frozen waterfall. Most effective when m... More

Gallon $32.00

Hechtia rosea Zone 9b to 10

Red on red! Certainly one of the showiest species with rusty-orange leaves and bright red flower stalks with red flowers. Flowers in late winter when little else is flowering. Unmistakably unique container plant ... More

Gallon $25.00

Hechtia tillandsioides Zone 9b to 10

Tillandsia like Hechtia! Several years back on a trip to southern California we obtained a plant of true Hechtia tillandsoides. It develops a loose open rosette composed of long, thin, flexible leaves that are acid green abo... More

Quart $21.00

Hechtia x (argentae x tillandsoides) Zone 9b to 10

On a trip to Southern California years ago while looking for interesting plants we came across this Hechtia hybrid. As any good primary hybrid it displays characteristics of both parents evenly. The ... More

Gallon $42.00

Puya castellanosi Zone 9 to 10

Puya castellanosi is native to Salta Province, Argentina, where it develops into low dense colonies to 10' wide or wider over many years. It inhabits dry rocky slopes at elevations to 3500m. Individua... More

Pint $11.00

Puya harmsii Zone 9 to 10

Puya harmsii! Puya harmsii originates in the mountains of northwestern Argentina. It forms small colonies of medium sized rosettes with leaves that are green-gray above and nearly silver beneath.... More

Pint $12.00

Puya sp. -- Tiraqui, Bolivia Zone 9 to 10

We observed this Puya at elevations near 3400m in an environment that can be described as high, dry grasslands. The plants developed short trunks to about 3' but typically produced multiple rosettes f... More

Pint $16.00

Puya sp. Muela del Diablo site Zone 9b to 10

Dyckia like Puya! This Puya originates from Southern Bolivia where it grows on steep rocky hillsides in dry Chaco habitat. The leaves of this species are much thicker and rigid than most other species of Puya that we ... More

Quart $19.50

Tillandsia australis Zone 9b to 11

Syn. Tillandsia maxima On our first trip to Argentina we encountered this huge growing Tillandsia clinging to steep walls of sheltered canyons in Northwestern Argentina. We were blown away not only by the size of the plant'... More

Pint $35.00

X Billgelia 'Howard' Zone 9 to 10

One morning years ago, on one of our trips to California we were in Santa Barbara and encountered this Billgelia hybrid blooming in the display garden at one of the local nurseries. They did not have ... More

Quart $25.00

xPuckia 'Sparkle' Zone 9b to 10

Bigeneric hybrid! This plant is a bigeneric hybrid between Puya laxa and Dyckia x (D. fosteriana x D. platyphylla). The plant has an upright, open growth form and free form style. The leaves are olive green with a silv... More

Pint $14.00

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