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Bulbs, Corms, and Tubers

Bulbs, Corms, and Tubers

A richly varied group of plants that have ease of culture and the ability to be shipped over great distances with no ill effects.

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Albuca maxima Zone 8b to 11

Albuca maxima a synonym for Albuca canadensis
Albucas in general have flowers that most find odd. Our culture has designated a certain set of flower shapes and colors that are acceptable. Plants like roses, petunias, or daises are found in our ar... More

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Albuca nelsonii Zone 8b to 10

Summer snowflakes! Several years ago we were given some bulbs of this South African plant we knew little about. We had never seen it bloom and were sceptical as to its ability to survive the erratic fluctuations of our ... More

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Albuca spiralis Zone 9 to 10

Corkscrew Albuca! This albuca gives an interesting show even when it is not in flower. During the winter months when this little gem is actively growing its foliage corkscrews and twists in a most fascinating manner. G... More

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Allium canadensis var texensis Zone 7 to 9b

Texas Onion! Allium canadensis has many varieties and forms and the identification and nomenclature of the different varieties is fairly murky. Dr. Thad Howard gave us this particular form with the name Allium te... More

Pint $15.00

Canna 'Tama-Tulipa' Zone 7 to 10

Natural hybrid! In 2001, we spotted this Canna growing along a small stream where the coastal plains meet the foothills to the high Sierras. We thought that we had found a new species. So, upon our return, we contact... More

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Canna compacta subsp. cinabrina Zone 7 to 10

Yellow flowers with red spots! A small-statured species recognizable by its broad, light-green leaves and upright vase-like profile. It starts blooming in early-spring when the plant is only 12 in. tall and continues nonstop until ... More

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Crinum x 'Parfait' Zone 7b to 10b

Yummy! This Crinum hybrid like the dessert it is named after brings to mind fun and joyous feelings. The flowers start out funnel form but with time expand to broader, more open, star-shaped flowers. The bac... More

1-Bulb $35.00

Crinum x 'Summer Nocturne' Zone 7a to 10

Carl's favorite crinum hybrid! A crinum bred in Texas by Thad Howard in 1964. The result is a robust growing plant that offsets well and produces the most elegant flowers. They are lily-like in form and pure white with a tinge of p... More

1-Bulb $15.50

Crinum x virginicum Zone 7b to 10a

Stands the test of time! Famous quotes and ancient stories are often attributed to “anonymous” yet their wisdom is so solid and they are so entertaining that they become timeless touchstones valued by generation after gen... More

1-Bulb $30.00

Drimiopsis maculata Zone 7b to 10

African hosta! Actually a scilla from Natal, South Africa. This attractive hosta look-alike has purple-spotted foliage that emerges in the spring. It will tolerate heat and drought that will reduce a hosta to mush. ... More

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Drimiopsis maculata 'Slow Fade' Zone 7b to 10

African hosta improved! Several years back when shopping at the Chatachuk plant market in Thailand, I ran across this clone of African hosta. It seemed to me to be a little different than the clone we had sold for years but ... More

1-Bulb $12.50

Drimiopsis saundersiae 'Sunny Smile' Zone 9 to 10

This Drimiopsis looks very much like what we sell as D. kirkii but the new growth emerges a lemon-cream color. As the leaves age they eventually turn an olive-green speckled with darker green spots. D... More

Pint $11.50

Eucomis autumnalis - Bedford, SA, form Zone 7 to 9

Vigorous Pineapples Lilies! Pineapple Lilies get their common name for the resemblance of the flowers to a pineapple fruit. The foliage speaks to me of moist mountain tops and cool streams. These are not their requirements, just... More

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Hymenocallis acutifolia Zone 7b to 10

The last spider lily to flower! The last spider lily to flower! We got this late-flowering species from Thad Howard a few years back and can assure you that it is a very tough plant. We had to pry the bulbs out of the heavy black mu... More

1-Bulb $15.00

Ipheion uniflorum 'Rolf Fiedler' Zone 7b to 9

Blue Starflowers! This winter growing bulb has graced southern gardens for many generations yet it is still sometimes hard to find in retail outlets. In late fall the plant emerges from dormancy producing grassy tufts ... More

Half-Pint $7.75

Iris brevicaulis Zone 5 to 9

Shortstem Iris! I love this iris for its short and dense clumps of sword-like foliage, not to mention the luscious purple-blue flags that greet us near Easter. Landscape-wise it is great for those poorly drained area... More

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Iris hexagona Zone 6b to 10

Dixie Iris! Low and behold! Texas is not all cactus and thorny things. The eastern third of the state is humid and often moist and there are natives here that reflect the flora of the Humid South. This Iris is on... More

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Kaempheria x 'Pink Lace' PPAF Zone 9a to 10

Pink Lace! Kaempferias are great shade loving gingers for small gardens and are often considered the "Hostas of the South". They are compact, well behaved and just pretty as buttons. The leaves of this Kaempferi... More

Pint $13.50

Lycoris radiata Zone 6 to 10

Red spider lilies! One of the many joys of living in the south are the fall flowering bulbs that announce the change of season. Days after the first fall rains the ground erupts with these bright red flowers made up of ... More

Quart $12.75

Manfreda longiflora Zone 9 to 10

Longflower Tuberose! This plants forms, small, 6" to 8" low, rosettes composed of fleshy, semi-succulent leaves that are olive-green to grey-green in color and have a brown to burgundy mottling, not spots like Manfreda ma... More

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Muscari neglectum -- Texas naturalized form Zone 6b to 9

Grape Hyacinth or Blue bottle! Scott Ogden in his Garden Bulbs of the South book discusses the grape hyacinths and the different species that look similar to one another but persist differently in the Southern USA. Some species and... More

3-Bulbs $12.00

Narcissus tazetta 'Erlicheer' Zone 7 to 9

Early season cheers! This is one of those an old fashioned Narcissus that has stood the test of time. The upright, 24 in. tall, dark green foliage sets an excellent stage for the 3 in. to 4 in. globes of 1 in. double-whit... More

3-Bulbs $12.50

Narcissus x 'Golden Dawn' Zone 7 to 9

Golden Dawn! Gardeners in the south need tough plants, those that can take the wild fluctuations of our climate and still perform. This hybrid Jonquil is one of those entertainers of the bulb world that can withst... More

3-Bulbs $9.59

Oxalis bowei Zone 8 to 10

Bowie Wood Sorrel! This is a wonderful and well-behaved Wood Sorrel with large 4 in. apple green leaves and large 2 in. rich pink flowers. It actively grows during the cool winter months and is mostly dormant during the... More

Pint $12.00

Oxalis crassipes 'Cherry Spritzer' Zone 7b to 10

Pale-pink wood sorrel! A number of years ago, Jeff Adams shared with us a bulb of this pale pink form of Oxalis crassipes. It was instantly popular with the folks that saw it, but we only had a limited number of bulbs. Fo... More

Pint $12.00

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