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Easily grown in pots in moister climes or in the ground as a structural element in the gardens of the south and southwest. Many are quite cold hardy, so take a look and see what we are offering!

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Astrophytum myriostigma Zone 9 to 10

Bishop's Cap cactus! On my first trip to Mexico Carl took me to a limestone hill out in the middle of what seemed to be a vast expanse of nothing much. The area was in the rain shadow between two much higher ridgelines a... More

Pint $8.00

Cleistocactus hyalacanthus Zone 9b to 10

Most cactus lovers like spines. We don’t necessarily like getting poked and impaled by spines, but we do like the way they look. Whether it be their shape or color or arrangement or combination of a... More

Pint $15.00

Cleistocactus samaipatanus Zone 9 to 10

In early 2010, I was searching for Cactus seed online and found images of the flowers of Cleistocactus samaipatanus and was smitten with the show. Whether the plant would survive for me, I did not kno... More

Pint $11.00

Coryphantha aff pycnacantha Zone 8b to 10

We originally got this plant as Coryphantha andraea and have found that that name is placed as synonym status. Like all cacti, it has at least 5 different names because taxoninomist change t... More

Pint $10.50

Coryphantha echinoidea Zone 9 to 10

This solitary egg-shaped cacti has really impressed me over the years that we have grown it. It somewhat resembles the Coryphantha species like C. echinus that rot easily but this species has taken n... More

Half-Pint $7.75

Coryphantha macromeris var runyonii Zone 8 to 10

Big Nipple Cory-Cactus! As one of the common names suggest, this plant has long, conspicuous, cylindrical tubercles that are very nipple like in appearance. The tips of each gray-green tubercle showcase 9 to 15 white to bro... More

Pint $10.00

Coryphantha maiz-tablasensis Zone 9 to 10

Glossy Pinecone Cactus! This cactus rates as one of my favorite cacti amongst my potted cactus collection. The low mounding globose body has such a clean, neat appearance and looks good year round whether in bloom or not. Th... More

Pint $9.50

Cylindropuntia imbricata Zone 7b to 10

Robust Cane Cholla! Often chollas do not prosper in overly humid environments. They are better adapted to the arid west. This plant however has proven to be humidity tolerant and garden worthy (given you have a big enoug... More

Pint $12.50

Cylindropuntia spinosior New! Zone 7b to 10

Cane Cholla! 6'h x 4'w, Southwestern USA and Northwestern Mexico Several years back we visited Juniper Level Botanical Garden near Raleigh, NC and were surprised to find this Cylindropuntia growing and doing well... More

Gallon $16.00

Echinocactus setispinus Zone 7b to 10

Fishhook Cactus! For us this is one of the best growing barrel cactus - tolerating the heat and humidity of the Gulf Coast region. Easily grown in a raised bed or planted in a clay pot which can be left outdoors under... More

Pint $11.00

Echinocactus texensis Zone 7 to 10

Horse Crippler! We need not provide much of an introduction for this cactus. The large, flattened bodies with bold erect spines have been the bane of cattleman and horse riders throughout the southwest. But, to the c... More

Quart $13.25

Echinocactus texensis, McCulloch, Co. Tx Zone 7 to 10

Texas Horse Crippler from Rochelle, TX A population of Horse Crippler cactus from McCullogh, Co., Texas.... More

Half-Pint $10.50

Echinocereus enneacanthus ssp. brevispinus, Sanderson, TX Zone 8a to 10

Eastern Strawberry Cactus! With age this Echinocereus develops mounding colonies with numerous cylindrical, green bodies sporting long, needle like straw colored spines. In April and May funnel form magenta flowers are produced... More

Pint $12.00

Echinocereus pentalophus Zone 8b to 10

Forma procumbens or leonensis! The stems of Echinocereus pentalophus are generally 4 to 5 sided and can vary in diameter from 1/2 to 2 inches. The form we are offering has the thin narrow stems and may be the form often listed as s... More

Pint $11.00

Echinopsis formosa var. amaichensis Zone 8a to 10

This generally-solitary-to-sometimes-multi-bodied barrel cactus comes from high elevations, (approx. 9000'') in the mountains of Tucuman Province, Argentina. It has a rounded body that is normally an... More

Half-Pint $12.00

Echinopsis korethroides Zone 8b to 10

This low barrel cacti is found in the mountains above Purmamarca, Jujuy, in the provinces of Salta and Jujuy, at elevation of about 3850m. It is closely related to Echinopsis formosa and is placed as ... More

Pint $9.50

Escobaria tuberculosa - Sanderson, TX Zone 8 to 10

Cob Cactus! This plant occurs over a very large range and is very variable in form, size and spination. These plants generally develop upright, cylindrical stems that are up to 6" tall and 1-1/2" in diameter and ... More

Half-Pint $9.50

Ferocactus latispinus Zone 9a to 10

Devil's Tongue Barrel! This small bodied Ferocactus is one of my favorites. I have several plants in my collection and I am always finding myself, adding more. The small compact body is remarkably similar to a Texas Horse C... More

Half-Pint $11.00

Ferocactus wislizeni Zone 8b to 10

Fishhook barrel cactus! Ferocactus wislizeni a large barrel cactus and can be found in the states of Sonora and Chihuahua, Mexico and southern parts of Arizona, New Mexico, and extending westward to just across the border in... More

Pint $11.00

Ferocactus wislizenii ssp. herrerae Zone 9 to 10

Spiraling Barrel Cactus! If you like desert plants and cacti in general nothing can beat a big, beautiful Barrel Cactus! If you have ever been in the Tucson, AZ, area, you have probably seen Ferocactus wislizenii for it is on... More

Quart $14.75

Gymnocalycium baldianum New! Zone 8b to 10

Red Flower Gymno! The vast majority of Gymnocalyciums have flowers that are white, cream, pink or some variant of these colors and though they are all pretty they don’t necessarily illicit much excitement. This speci... More

Pint $9.50

Gymnocalycium bicolor Zone 8b to 10

Though the name Gymnocalycium bicolor is listed as a synonym of Gymnocalycium mostii , (which is sometimes listed as a synonym of Gymnocalycium valniceckianum). I purchased the seed as G. bicolor and... More

Pint $10.00

Gymnocalycium bruchii Zone 8a to 10

Pincushion Gymno! We often cultivate plants based on habit. For example, we are given a plant in a pot and are told that it must be protected and can not tolerate frost so we continue to grow the plant in a container w... More

Half-Pint $10.00

Gymnocalycium saglionis ssp tilcarense Zone 9 to 10

Subspecies tilcarensis! This low barrel type cactus in generally solitary and forms a rounded body that is well protected by numerous, short, brownish-grey, needle-like spines. Short funnel shaped flowers occur near the top ... More

Pint $10.00

Gymnocalycium schickendantzii ssp. delaetii Zone 8b to 10

A clean looking barrel cactus from northwest Argentina that is tolerant of shade. It is native to dense upper elevation (1,500 ft.) Chaco forest, where summer only rainfall averages 24". Its green-blu... More

Pint $12.00

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