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Resembling palms and tree ferns, they are often mistakenly identified as such. Their rigid leaf structure is combined with an expanded trunk making for a visual delight!

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Ceratozamia hildae Zone 8a to 10

Bow-tie palm! Distinctive butterfly-like green leaflets that resemble a bow tie distinguish this species from all other cycads, or for that matter, any other plant! The strong stems that hold these leaves strictly ... More

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Ceratozamia latifolia Zone 8a to 10

Looks like a palm! Surprisingly, Ceratozamia latifolia is not very well represented in collections of exotic plants along the Gulf Coast. Its small size, cold hardiness and exotic appeal are all admirable traits that ma... More

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Cycas panzhihuaensis Zone 8 to 10

Amongst the hardiest ! This species is listed amongst the most cold hardy of the Cycas. It occurs in a subtropical region that have hot humid summers but is found at high altitude where winters are cold and severe frosts ar... More

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Dioon edule -- Jacala form Zone 8 to 10

Dioon is a genera of cycad similar in appearance and form to the Cycas of Asia but are native to Mexico. The Dioon edule complex occurs in a range of conditions from fairly wet to moderately dry regio... More

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Dioon edule -- Palma Sola form Zone 8 to 10

Palma Sola Dioon! Another plant of the Dioon edule complex. After years of growing the different forms of this plant, side by side, we have observed that the new leaves of this variety flush a bright, acid-green color ... More

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Zamia sp. 'Jamaican Giant' Zone 8b to 10

Jamaican Giant Zamia! This Zamia is one of the many plants in the Z. pumila complex (Syn Zamia floridana) that inhabits the islands of the Caribbean. As with any plant in a variable complex where populations are separated... More

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