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Agave americana var protoamericana 'Pokey Ghost' Zone 7b to 10

Silver select! This selection of A. americana var. protoamericana was selected because of the silver coloration to the leaves, the pronounced teating of the leaf margins and its compact size. The silver lea... More

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Agave sp. 'Mr Ripple' - 3 Gallon Zone 7b to 10

Mr Ripple! If you want a plant that stops traffic, this agave is for you. It has already stopped traffic once. While traveling from Cuidad Maiz to El Naranjo, Carl and I were conversing about plants when suddenl... More

3-Gallon $38.50

Agave sp. Hwy 85 Hidalgo, MX Zone 8b to 10

Years ago when we were traveling through the state of Hidalgo, Mexico we spotted this plant growing amongst low, spiny shrubs and cacti. The particular spot where we saw it was on a dangerous curve, i... More

Quart $15.00

Agave striata 'Live Wires' Zone 8a to 10

Living Wire Agave! Agave striata comes in a multitude of forms. You can find plants in different habitats with few leaves, lots of leaves, rigid-erect leaves, weepy-flexible leaves, green colored leaves, silver colored ... More

Half-Pint $15.00

Agave x 'Tres Equis' Zone 8 to 10

XXX! Over a decade ago while traveling in northeastern Mexico we came across a population of Agave near the Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon border that appeared to be the result of a hybrid swarm. The population va... More

Gallon $18.50

Beschorneria septentrionalis Zone 7b to 9

False red agave! Bright fuchsia-red cylindrical flowers are tipped in emerald green; the glossy red spike that carries them reaches 4' tall. Grow in deep-shade in the lower Southwestern states, and in sun in milder cl... More

Pint $16.00

Canna x 'Tama-Tulipa' Zone 7 to 10

Natural hybrid! In 2001, we spotted this Canna growing along a small stream where the coastal plains meet the foothills to the high Sierras. We thought that we had found a new species. So, upon our return, we contact... More

Rhizome $18.00

Dyckia encholirioides - Praia do Ervino site Zone 9a to 10

Var. spinosissima ??? This possibly new variety of Dyckia encholirioides hales from the praias (beaches in Portuguese) near San Francisco do Sul in the state of Santa Catarina , Brazil. In general, these plants ha... More

Quart $18.50

Dyckia x 'Soda Straws' Zone 8b to 10

Soda Straw Dyckia! This seedling spontaneously occurred amongst other plants in the nursery several years ago and, thanks to keen eyes, it was spotted and saved. It produces numerous thin, narrow leaves which are modera... More

Gallon $19.00

Dyckia x 'Spider Witch' Zone 8b to 10

Spider Witch! This Dyckia hybrid is one our selections from a batch of Dyckia choristaminae x seedlings. We selected it because we like the unruly, mounding rosette composed of a multitude of narrow, 8 in. long, ri... More

Pint $11.50

Oxalis crassipes 'Cherry Spritzer' Zone 7b to 10

Pale-pink wood sorrel! A number of years ago, Jeff Adams shared with us a bulb of this pale pink form of Oxalis crassipes. It was instantly popular with the folks that saw it, but we only had a limited number of bulbs. Fo... More

Pint $10.50

Puya sp. Muela del Diablo site Zone 9b to 10

Dyckia like Puya! This Puya originates from Southern Bolivia where it grows on steep rocky hillsides in dry Chaco habitat. The leaves of this species are much thicker and rigid than most other species of Puya that we ... More

Quart $19.50

Sabal sp. Tamaulipas Zone 7b to 10

This beautiful Sabal with waxy blue-green leaves was collected in a subtropical valley in northern Mexico more than 20 years ago by Carl Schoenfeld and John Fairey. At the time they had no idea tha... More

Quart $16.00

x Mangave 'Macho Mocha' Zone 7b to 10

Macho Mocha! A truly unbelievable plant that stops everyone in their tracks and begs for comment. It originated out of a batch of Manfreda vareigata seedlings that evidently had crossed with a soft leaf agave. The... More

Quart $16.00

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