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Large-sized plants

Our customers always want plants in larger sizes. We now offer a mix of Agaves and Woody Lilies in 3-gallon containers, perfect for landscaping or filling in those spaces that call for the bold!

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Agave parrasana Zone 7b to 10

Cabbage head! Very tight cabbage-like rosette of steel-blue color with large exposed teeth. This attractive species offsets quickly to form a dense colony. Prefers a climate with moderate to low humidity. Will gr... More

Half-Pint $10.00

Berberis trifoliolata Zone 6b to 9a

Agarita! This highly ornamental shrub has twisted, prickly, green to blue-green foliage mottled in silver; and as the name implies, the leaves are arranged in threes. Agarita's butter-yellow blooms suddenly ap... More

3-Gallon $40.00

Sale: $36.00

Ceratozamia latifolia Zone 8a to 10

Looks like a palm! Surprisingly, Ceratozamia latifolia is not very well represented in collections of exotic plants along the Gulf Coast. Its small size, cold hardiness and exotic appeal are all admirable traits that ma... More

Gallon $38.00

Chamaerops humilis var. cerifera Zone 7b to 9b

Silver European Fan Palm! An unusual variety from the mountains of Morocco that has distinctly silver-blue leaves! This characteristic is acquired with age, as is true with most blue-leaved palms. Exact hardiness is unknown bu... More

3-Gallon $38.00

Hesperaloe parviflora--Yellow form Zone 7a to 10

Yellow "red yucca"! An unusual form of red yucca that has creamy-yellow flowers. This form is as vigorous as the red and all it needs is a blue wall to set off the colour; a hue that blends in well with the traditional r... More

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Yucca treculeana var canaliculata -3 gallon pot Zone 7 to 10

3 gallon size After years of growing this plant, we think that we have an identity that we are comfortable with. We acquired our seedlings from wholesale grower in Arizona, labeled as Yucca carnerosana. We became s... More

3-Gallon $54.00

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