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Many palms are hardy into Zone 7. We specialize in species proven to be cold hardy in subtropical climates, particularly little known species from northern Mexico

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Brahea clara Zone 8b to 10

Droopy Blue Hesper Palm! Some list this plant as a variety of Brahea armata and others say it is a hybrid of B armata and B. brandegeei, whatever it really is I am impressed with it. This moderate growing, single trunked palm... More

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Chamaerops humilis var. cerifera Zone 7b to 9b

Silver European Fan Palm! An unusual variety from the mountains of Morocco that has distinctly silver-blue leaves! This characteristic is acquired with age, as is true with most blue-leaved palms. Exact hardiness is unknown bu... More

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Rhapidophyllum hystrix Zone 7 to 9

The most cold-hardy! Needle palms are hardy to 10 degrees below zero. In the south they can reach 6' wide and 6' high in 10 years, making a dramatic statement in the shade garden. Highly adaptive, we have seen specimens i... More

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Sabal sp. Birmingham Zone 7b to 10

Mysterious Birmingham! Hardy, trunk forming palms are highly sought after in northern areas because most trunk developing palms reach a cold hardiness limit at zone 8. This palm has a proven history of cold tolerance from B... More

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Sabal sp. Tamaulipas Zone 7b to 10

This beautiful Sabal with waxy blue-green leaves was collected in a subtropical valley in northern Mexico more than 20 years ago by Carl Schoenfeld and John Fairey. At the time they had no idea tha... More

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Sabal uresana Zone 7 to 10

Hardy silver sabal This silver-blue palm makes a wonderful and refreshing addition to the hot southern garden. For us it is the bluest of all the trunk palms. The southeastern Palm and Exotic Plant Society of Decatur Ge... More

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Trithrinax campestris Zone 8 to 10

Silver hardy palm! In the dry foothills of the Andes you see the silhouettes of Trithrinax campestris scattered like stone soldiers. These slow growing palms have the bluest and stiffest leaves of any palm I have ever s... More

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