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In the hot and humid climes like ours they are challenging unless you choose carefully. When you get them from us it is easy because we have done the hard work for you

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Angelica pachycarpa Zone 7 to 9

Winter greens! Who would have thought that Texas could be angelic! Well, it can be during the winter. This eye-catching foliage plant emerges from dormancy in the fall and produces large, dissected, glossy dark gree... More

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Anisacanthus quadrifidus var. wrightii - Orange flower form Zone 6b to 10

Orange Anisacanthus!
Gardeners often chase after color variants that are different from the species norm. We think these differences are so sophisticated. However, there is simple and lasting beauty in what nature provide... More

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Anisacanthus quadrifidus var. wrightii - pumpkin orange fls Zone 7 to 10

Golden flame aniscanthus! This selected form is outstanding because of its clear pumpkin orange flowers. Mixing it with red flame anisacanthus makes a striking statement that the butterflies will revel in.... More

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Astrolepis sinuata Zone 7 to 9b

Wavy Scaly Cloakfern! I find xeric ferns so fascinating. After growing up with the notion that ferns only lived in humid, moist environs, to find there is a whole class of ferns that actually thrive in arid conditions, ki... More

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Carex divulsa Zone 7 to 10

Berkeley Sedge! Sedges are quickly gaining popularity as groundcover alternatives to lawn grasses and Liriopes. They are tough, adaptable, easy to care for and look great. There are numerous species of diverse forms ... More

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Carex tetrastachya Zone 7 to 9

Four-angled Sedge! And Best Supporting Texture Plant for the woodland garden goes to... (drum roll please)... Carex tetrastachya. This evergreen exhibits clustering rosettes that are classically elegant. They ... More

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Chrysactinia mexicana Zone 6 to 9

Damianita! This low spreading shrub or woody perennial inhabits rocky, limestone outcroppings in the Trans-Pecos, Texas Hill Country and Northern Mexico. The plant's foliage is dark-green and needle-like and den... More

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Dyschoriste linearis Zone 7b to 10

Takes full, hot sun in poor soil! Narrowleaf dyschoriste, sometimes called snake herb, is native throughout the state of Texas. It forms a dense mound of upright stems covered with narrow leaves, from which petunia-like purple flowers... More

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Phlebodium pseudoaureum Zone 7b to 10

Blue rabbit's foot fern! With its glaucous-blue, upright-standing fronds this polypodium-like fern makes a bold statement in the shady garden that few foliage plants can. It has always been a favorite of visitors to Peckerwoo... More

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Portulaca sp. Zone 9 to 10

Creeping Pursulane! I have cultivated this portulaca for well over 20 years and have carried it with me to every garden I have kept over the years. I find it to be indispensable because of its beauty, heat tolerance, eas... More

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Puya mirabilis Zone 8b to 10

Green comet! A fast growing terrestrial bromeliad with bright shiny-green leaves that are slightly prickly at their base. This rosette of whispy foliage recurves back giving the plant the look of a comet! The larg... More

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Rohdea japonica Zone 6 to 9b

Japanese Temple Lily! Japanese temple lily is a great foliage plant for those dark, dry, shady areas of your garden where you want a low growing solid presence but requiring little fuss. The plant has black-green, strap-li... More

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Sinningia sellovii -- Light Orange Zone 7b to 10

For those that have followed weather conditions in Texas over the past several years, you know that the weather has been harsh. The heat and drought over the most recent years have been terrible and g... More

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Sinningia sellovii -- Red-Orange Zone 7b to 10

Handsome and tough! Sinningias are not widely known to gardeners but we are trying to change that fact. They are carefree perennials that deserve a prominent spot in your garden. This species has flower spikes up to 30 i... More

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Sinningia x 'Lovely' Zone 7b to 10

Oh so lovely! For those folks that like Sinningia tubiflora but wish the plant produced flowers other than white this hybrid is for you. This plant was a selection from a cross of Sinningia sellovii x Sinningia tub... More

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Sinningia x 'Scarlet O'Hara' Zone 7b to 10

Scarlet's Sinningia! Several years ago Tony Avent, of Plant Delights Nursery, sent us this Sinningia hybrid. During the years since he sent it our weather has been famously hideous. The drought, heat and other harsh cond... More

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Tecoma stans var angustata 'Sangria' Zone 8 to 10

Sangria trumpets! This recent introduction from Native Texas Nursery in Weberville, TX was selected from seedling they grew of Tecoma stans var. angustata. The flowers have much the same floral form of T. stans var. ... More

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Vernonia baldwinii Zone 7 to 9

Ironweeds! Our native ironweeds may be overlooked by us, but the butterflies always find them. Why not help them by planting some in your border? These are drought-tolerant summer bloomers, requiring little care... More

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