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These must be planted in the warm months so they can become established before the onset of winter. Many are herbaceous perennials from Zone 8 south

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Acacia smallii New! Zone 8 to 10

Texas Huisache! This small tree announces spring in a big way. When it breaks winter dormancy it goes all out producing abundant fuzzy, pea sized, ball-shaped, mustard-yellow flowers that are sweetly fragrant. After... More

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Alluaudia procera Zone 9b to 10

Madagascar Ocotillo!

If you are familiar with Fouquieria splendens , a.k.a Ocotillo, then you will have a sense of the form of this plant. Though not a relative of our southwest native the form is strikin... More

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Aloe suprafoliata Zone 9 to 10

One way then another Aloe! This aloe is unique in that its growth habit changes as it ages. For a long period of time during this plants juvenile phase the leaves of the plant are distichous or stacked in two rows that parallel... More

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Aristolochia aff ridicula -- Laguna Tatarenda, Bolivia Zone 9b to 10

We saw this large vine Duchman’s Pipe in Southern Bolivia growing in a heavily forested area near a lake. We were amazed by the height at which the vines grew because they easily reached into the ca... More

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Aristolochia galeata Zone 9 to 10

Maroon Pelicans! The lush curtain effect of the heart-shaped leaves sets the stage for the pipe-like flowers which at times resemble birds in flight. The flowers on this species are quite large and colored a deep maro... More

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Bauhinia galpinii Zone 8b to 10

Orange orchid tree!

This African orchid-tree has large coral-orange flowers, which are produced in such abundance that they completely cover this broad-spreading shrub from mid-summer until frost. The size and color o... More

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Bauhinia tomentosa Zone 8b to 10

Yellow bell orchid tree! 'Never give up' is my motto and that is the case with this summer flowering shrub. For years I have grown this plant only to have it freeze dead even in the mildest of winters. A couple of years ago w... More

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Brachychiton discolor Zone 9 to 10

Several years back we visited the Huntington Botanical Garden. When we were near the Chinese Garden we noticed a grouping of straight trunked trees with smooth gray bark that were labeled as Brachychi... More

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Caesalpinia ferrea var. leiostachya Zone 9b to 10

Leopard Tree, Brazilian Ironwood! A moderate size tree to 45' tall with a broad spreading canopy. The foliage is soft and ferny and the species has no spines. Small yellow flowers occur in clusters at the branch tips during the summer... More

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Caesalpinia gilliesii Zone 7b to 10

Desert Bird of Paradise This bird-of-paradise is native to Argentina but has naturalized in areas of western and central Texas. The large, showy yellow and red flowers on open racemes are exceptionally striking against the c... More

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Caesalpinia pulcherrima Zone 8b to 10

Red-bird-of-paradise! This highly-ornamental summer flowering herbaceous perennial attracts all the neighbors' attention as well as butterflies and hummingbirds. Produced all summer long, the showy red flowers are held abo... More

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Calliandra houstoniana var. houstonian Zone 9a to 10

Cabell de Angel! Over the many years that we traveled in Mexico we came across many Calliandras. Some of our long time customers may remember the Bloody Nose Plant, (a.k.a. Calliandra grandiflora) that we offered for ... More

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Callistemon polandii Zone 9a to 10

Gold-tipped bottlebrush! This specie's flowers are a bright red but sport golden tipped anthers, thus, the trait that gives the species it common name. This species generally grows to become a dense shrub at about 12' tall an... More

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Callistemon salignus Zone 8b to 10

Willow Bottlebrush! Bottlebrushes are so fascinating to me. The stamen packed flowers that literally look like old time bottle cleaners are so unique and refreshing. The flowers are not only visually fascinating but the... More

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Callistemon teretifolius Zone 9 to 10

Needle Bottlebrush! Callistemon teretifolius is a small to medium sized shrub with an open upright form. The foliage is thin and needle like giving the plant a bushy pine like appearance. The bottle brush flowers are red... More

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Ceratozamia sp. Palma Sola Site Zone 9 to 10

This Ceratozamia is native to forested, costal areas in the state of Vera Cruz, Mexico. If has a narrowly upright habit with lime-green, leathery leaflets. The emergent leaves are green and show no co... More

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Chorisia insignis Zone 9b to 11

Drunk tree! The baobab of the Americas, or palo boracho, (drunk tree) as it is called in Argentina, is a bizarre, flowering tree. It resembles an enormous beet, with spines radiating out around its swollen trunk... More

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Citrus x (ichangensis x reticulata) New! Zone 8b to 10

Yuzu! We originally obtained this citrus plant under the name of Citrus junos but I find that it is now listed as a hybrid. When we were in Hempstead our original seedlings grew quickly into upright small t... More

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Cordia boissieri Zone 9a to 10

Mexican Olive! In South Texas and Northeastern Mexico where much of the native flora is thorny and scratchy anything lush and tropical attracts attention, especially in the middle of a hot and dry summer when little... More

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Ctenanthe aff. setosa Zone 9a to 10

Standing Tiger! Until just recently I thought Calatheas and related plants were purely tropical. I would still believe this if I hadn't planted one in the ground for trial. Well, after three seasons, (where lows have... More

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Dasylirion duranguense Zone 8b to 10

Durango Sotol! I purchased seed of this Dasylirion knowing nothing about it; but being an admirer of all Sotols, I had to give it a try. In Bogler's monograph on Dasylirions he says that it is a large robust plant ... More

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Dyckia x 'Cherry Coke' Zone 8b to 10

Cherry Coke Dyckia! Over the years this Dyckia clone has consistently been one of our favorites. The dark, rich-red leaf color, the large overall mature size, and the tall, branching, floriferous flower spikes are all at... More

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Erythrina x bidwillii Zone 7 to 10

Red lupins! The marriage between the South American summer blooming Erythrina crista-galli and the North American spring blooming Erythrina herbacea has created one of the finest flowering shrubs for the south. T... More

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Gasteria armstrongii -clustering clone Zone 9b to 10

Years back we obtained this wonderful clone of Gasteria armstrongii and it has always been a favorite. The dark, near black-green leaves form small 1" wide and 3" long distichous rosettes that slowly ... More

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Gomphrena sp. Grapes Zone 8b to 10

We got this plant from friends in Oregon and were understandably skeptical that it would survive in our notorious heat. It surprised us by growing superbly in our environs. Emerging in mid-spring, in ... More

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