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These must be planted in the warm months so they can become established before the onset of winter. Many are herbaceous perennials from Zone 8 south

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Manfreda longiflora Zone 9 to 10

Longflower Tuberose! This plants forms, small, 6" to 8" low, rosettes composed of fleshy, semi-succulent leaves that are olive-green to grey-green in color and have a brown to burgundy mottling, not spots like Manfreda ma... More

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Manfreda sp. 'Rio Verde' Zone 8 to 10

Agave look-alike!
This Manfreda or x Mangave has an unmistakable agave-like appearance. Its deeply-channeled, upright, leaves are widest in the middle, tapering at each end, and are edged in fine, brittle teeth along t... More

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Manfreda x 'Silver Leopard' Zone 7b to 10

Big, burgundy spots lay boldly against a silvery-gray background, on wide succulent leaves, making this robust, Manfreda hybrid a sensation to behold. This colony forming plant spreads by rhizomes, lo... More

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Neomarica northiana Zone 8b to 10

Walking iris! Always popular because of its easy culture and magnificent flowers, walking iris comands attention. The beautiful contrasting blue and white flowers are produced in the spring. As the name suggests, w... More

Gallon $12.75

Portulaca sp. Zone 9 to 10

Creeping Pursulane! I have cultivated this portulaca for well over 20 years and have carried it with me to every garden I have kept over the years. I find it to be indispensable because of its beauty, heat tolerance, eas... More

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Puya castellanosi Zone 9 to 10

Puya castellanosi is native to Salta Province, Argentina, where it develops into low dense colonies to 10' wide or wider over many years. It inhabits dry rocky slopes at elevations to 3500m. Individua... More

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Sansevieria masoniana Zone 10 to 10

Mason's Congo Sansevieria! The thick, leathery, and mottled leaves of this Sansevieria, which often get to be 10" wide, and can reach heights of 30" or greater, never go unnoticed. The texture and form of this plant draws one's... More

Gallon $22.50

Tecoma stans var angustata 'Sangria' Zone 8 to 10

Sangria trumpets! This recent introduction from Native Texas Nursery in Weberville, TX was selected from seedling they grew of Tecoma stans var. angustata. The flowers have much the same floral form of T. stans var. ... More

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Tecoma stans var. angustata Zone 7 to 10

Texas yellow bells! The West Texas form of Tecoma stans has extremely narrow, shiny foliage and produces gorgeous golden-yellow trumpets. Blooming begins in late spring and continues all summer long. This cold-hardy vari... More

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Zamia sp. 'Jamaican Giant' New! Zone 8b to 10

Jamaican Giant Zamia! This Zamia is one of the many plants in the Z. pumila complex (Syn Zamia floridana) that inhabits the islands of the Caribbean. As with any plant in a variable complex where populations are separated... More

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Items 26 to 35 of 35 total

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