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A varied group of fleshy-leaved plants which develop attractive rosettes of foliage. They add that special touch to containers, rock walls or the edge of dry beds. They grow well in dry shade.

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Aloe aristata Zone 8b to 10

Dwarf Aloes! This small-growing Aloe is often mistaken for a Gasteria or Haworthia. It produces a compact rosette of 3 in. - 4 in. long leaves that are tightly clustered, with age attaining multiple heads. The sur... More

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Aloe brevifolia Zone 8b to 10

Short leaf aloe! This beautiful species is quite moisture tolerant and able to withstand fairly cold temperatures, down into the upper teens, with minimal damage. It is a compact plant with short and fat waxy, blue le... More

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Aloe grandidentata Zone 8 to 10

Dwarf soap aloe! This low-growing species is often mistaken for Aloe maculata but can be distinguished by its smaller size which is about one third of that of the soap aloe. A low-growing profile and suckering habit m... More

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Aloe humilis Zone 8a to 10

Blue dwarf aloe! This low growing succulent is native to the transitional zone in South Africa between summer and winter rainfall areas - the best area from which succulents come. This clustering aloe has short, grey ... More

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Aloe saponaria Hybrid Cultivate ? Zone 8a to 10

Hardy aloe! Finally, an aloe we can grow outside that survives in spite of heat and wet winters. These large, succulent perennials produce 3' tall candelabra-like panicles throughout the warm months. The pinkish-... More

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Aloe x 'Pepe' Zone 10 to 10

Pepe Aloe! This hybrid of Aloe descoingsii x A. haworthioides is one of my favorite aloes in my potted aloe collection. I love its tight, clustering habit of almost micro-sized, perfectly-symmetrical rosettes. I... More

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Aloe x nobilis Zone 9b to 10

Golden Toothed Aloe
This Aloe x nobilis clone was given to us years ago by Tom Peace. Over the years that we have kept it in our container collection it has always been highly admired. In overall form, it is a c... More

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Echeveria runyonii Zone 7b to 10

Doctor Runyon! In 1990 we found a small colony of rosette forming, succulent plants growing on an isolated mountain, and by 1992 Scott Ogden was able to assist us with its identification. This was the first known si... More

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Echeveria x 'Latte Rose' Zone 8b to 10

We got this plant from a tissue culture lab that initially sold them as Echeveria lilacina. When I first saw the little plants out of the box I was somewhat suspicious that the plants were not E. lila... More

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Gasteria brevifolia Zone 9 to 10

Short leaf Gasteria! The name Gasteria brevifolia may not be a valid name botanically but horticulturally the name exists. Our plants form a tight rosette composed of short, fat, fleshy leaves covered with prominant white... More

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Gasteria carinatus Napier, SA Zone 8b to 10

Napier Living stone! Gasterias have been relegated to pot culture in all but the mildest climates. It has been assumed that the are completely cold tender but our experimentation and observations of the plants seen in hab... More

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Gasteria croucheri -Open pollinated seedlings Zone 9b to 11

Croucher's Gasteria!
This species of Gasteria is one of the larger growing species, with rosettes reaching up to 15" in height and 24" in diameter. The rosettes are composed of triangular shaped, lanceolate leaves that ar... More

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Gasteria x 'Little Warty' Zone 10 to 10

Lime Warty! This striking Gasteria hybrid is a favorite to all who see it. The compact swirling heads of leathery leaves have a rough warty, reptile-like texture that combines to make this one of the most unusual... More

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Graptopetalum paraguayense Zone 7b to 10

Ghost Plant! The Ghost Plant has been a favorite succulent in southern zones for many decades. Its glossy-gray, succulent rosettes are so appealing and pleasant to the eye that for a plant, if it were a food, it w... More

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Haworthia cooperi var. pilifera Zone 10 to 10

Glass marbles Haworthia!
Wow, try to pin down the accepted name for this plant online and your head will spin. I have seen Haworthia cooperi var. pilifera, H. cooperi var. pilifera forma truncata, H. pilifera var. salina, H. ... More

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Haworthia limifolia var. ubomboensis Zone 10 to 10

Lime Haworthia! The standard Fairy's Washboard, Haworthia limifolia var. limifolia, has been a longtime succulent favorite. The ripple-textured, dark-green colored leaves, and the almost spiraling form of the rosette... More

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Kalanchoe sp. Zone 9a to 10

Root-Hardy Kalanchoe! In the summer of 2013 a long time, good customer from Austin brought me a Kalanchoe that he said had been root hardy for him for years. I was skeptical but politely tried to get more information from ... More

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Manfreda sp. 'Helen Wynans' Zone 7b to 10

Green spotted Lasagna! 'Helen Wynans' is an excellent landscape plant. Its exuberant foliage is broad and widely marked by dark spots. It makes an excellent groundcover and due to its vigor will do so quickly. An heirloom f... More

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Manfreda sp. 'Rio Verde' Zone 8 to 10

Agave look-alike!
This Manfreda or x Mangave has an unmistakable agave-like appearance. Its deeply-channeled, upright, leaves are widest in the middle, tapering at each end, and are edged in fine, brittle teeth along t... More

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Manfreda variegata - Cultivate form Zone 7b to 10

Old Cultivate! This form of Manfreda variegata has been cultivated in south Texas gardens for many generations. This clone forms robust colonies of lush, strap-like, heavily spotted, succulent foliage. It blooms in ... More

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Manfreda x 'Silver Leopard' Zone 7b to 10

Big, burgundy spots lay boldly against a silvery-gray background, on wide succulent leaves, making this robust, Manfreda hybrid a sensation to behold. This colony forming plant spreads by rhizomes, lo... More

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Portulaca sp. Zone 9 to 10

Creeping Pursulane! I have cultivated this portulaca for well over 20 years and have carried it with me to every garden I have kept over the years. I find it to be indispensable because of its beauty, heat tolerance, eas... More

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Sansevieria masoniana Zone 10 to 10

Mason's Congo Sansevieria! The thick, leathery, and mottled leaves of this Sansevieria, which often get to be 10" wide, and can reach heights of 30" or greater, never go unnoticed. The texture and form of this plant draws one's... More

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Sedum adolphii Zone 8b to 10

Golden Sedum! This sedum has proven its durability. Several years back we planted it for trial beneath an Eucalyptus neglecta. As time passed an Asparagus virgatus grew in front of it, obscuring it from view, and w... More

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xGasteraloe 'Ed Hummel' Zone 9b to 10

xGasteraloe 'Ed Hummel' xGasteraloe (also sometimes spelled xGastrolea) is the hybrid genus for any bigeneric hybrid between a Gasteria and an Aloe. We have had this xGastrolea for many moons and it is a forever favorite. ... More

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