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Trees, Shrubs, and Vines

Trees, Shrubs, and Vines

A wide variety of woody plants are found in this section, which are specifically suited for hot, dry, moist, or shady situations. Sizes listed are based on expected growth within 5 to 10 years.

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Acacia rigidula - Dryden, TX Zone 8a to 10

Blackbrush Acacia! Blackbrush Acacia is a small multi-trunked, tree or shrub reaching a height of about 12' tall. The small, compound leaves are a dark, dark green in color and appear almost black when compared to the f... More

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Acacia smallii New! Zone 8 to 10

Texas Huisache! This small tree announces spring in a big way. When it breaks winter dormancy it goes all out producing abundant fuzzy, pea sized, ball-shaped, mustard-yellow flowers that are sweetly fragrant. After... More

Gallon $16.50

Alluaudia procera Zone 9b to 10

Madagascar Ocotillo!

If you are familiar with Fouquieria splendens , a.k.a Ocotillo, then you will have a sense of the form of this plant. Though not a relative of our southwest native the form is strikin... More

Quart $18.50

Amyris texana Zone 8b to 10

Texas is blessed to have several citrus relatives. Though they don't produce large edible fruit, they do have other superb qualities. Amyris texana is one of those fablous citrus relatives. It grows t... More

Gallon $16.50

Aristolochia aff ridicula -- Laguna Tatarenda, Bolivia Zone 9b to 10

We saw this large vine Duchman’s Pipe in Southern Bolivia growing in a heavily forested area near a lake. We were amazed by the height at which the vines grew because they easily reached into the ca... More

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Aristolochia galeata Zone 9 to 10

Maroon Pelicans! The lush curtain effect of the heart-shaped leaves sets the stage for the pipe-like flowers which at times resemble birds in flight. The flowers on this species are quite large and colored a deep maro... More

Quart $15.00

Aristolochia gibertii Zone 8b to 10

Pelicanoid Dovies! A very rare species in cultivation, which hails from Mato Grosso state in central Brazil. Unlike many Dutchman’s pipes which have flowers in heavy earthy tones ranging from warm chocolates to cream,... More

Quart $18.00

Bauhinia galpinii Zone 8b to 10

Orange orchid tree!

This African orchid-tree has large coral-orange flowers, which are produced in such abundance that they completely cover this broad-spreading shrub from mid-summer until frost. The size and color o... More

Gallon $15.50

Berberis trifoliolata Zone 6b to 9a

Agarita! This highly ornamental shrub has twisted, prickly, green to blue-green foliage mottled in silver; and as the name implies, the leaves are arranged in threes. Agarita's butter-yellow blooms suddenly ap... More

3-Gallon $40.00

Brachychiton discolor Zone 9 to 10

Several years back we visited the Huntington Botanical Garden. When we were near the Chinese Garden we noticed a grouping of straight trunked trees with smooth gray bark that were labeled as Brachychi... More

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Caesalpinia ferrea var. leiostachya Zone 9b to 10

Leopard Tree, Brazilian Ironwood! A moderate size tree to 45' tall with a broad spreading canopy. The foliage is soft and ferny and the species has no spines. Small yellow flowers occur in clusters at the branch tips during the summer... More

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Callistemon phoeniceus Zone 8b to 10

Scarlet Bottlebrush! This relatively hardy Bottlebrush comes from Western Australia. It prefers moist, well-drained soil but is tolerant of poorly-drained, almost boggy sites. It has rigid, blueish leaves on a dense everg... More

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Callistemon polandii Zone 9a to 10

Gold-tipped bottlebrush! This specie's flowers are a bright red but sport golden tipped anthers, thus, the trait that gives the species it common name. This species generally grows to become a dense shrub at about 12' tall an... More

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Callistemon salignus Zone 8b to 10

Willow Bottlebrush! Bottlebrushes are so fascinating to me. The stamen packed flowers that literally look like old time bottle cleaners are so unique and refreshing. The flowers are not only visually fascinating but the... More

Quart $12.75

Callistemon teretifolius Zone 9 to 10

Needle Bottlebrush! Callistemon teretifolius is a small to medium sized shrub with an open upright form. The foliage is thin and needle like giving the plant a bushy pine like appearance. The bottle brush flowers are red... More

Quart $13.50

Cercis chinensis Zone 6b to 9b

Chinese Redbud! Regardless of how mild or how hard the winter is in your region we all look forward to its end. Plants that herald the forthcoming spring get a lot of attention when they begin to bloom. One of my fav... More

Quart $16.75

Chorisia insignis Zone 9b to 11

Drunk tree! The baobab of the Americas, or palo boracho, (drunk tree) as it is called in Argentina, is a bizarre, flowering tree. It resembles an enormous beet, with spines radiating out around its swollen trunk... More

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Chorisia speciosa, Open Pollinated Seedlings Zone 9b to 10

Silk floss seedlings! Chorisia speciosa is native to Southeastern Brazil and Northeastern Argentina where the climate is tropical to subtropical and they seldom experience hard frosts. The overall shape of mature trees is ... More

Gallon $22.50

Citrus x (ichangensis x reticulata) New! Zone 8b to 10

Yuzu! We originally obtained this citrus plant under the name of Citrus junos but I find that it is now listed as a hybrid. When we were in Hempstead our original seedlings grew quickly into upright small t... More

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Diospyrus texana Zone 7 to 9

Texas Persimmon! A small, multi-trunked tree with striking silver-gray exfoliating bark that is reminiscent of an eucalyptus. The dense mounding silouette takes the abstracted form of a mushroom. The small, thick, sem... More

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Eysenhardtia texana Zone 7 to 10

Texas Kidneywood! Texas Kidneywood is a plant that usually makes it presence known to you through your nose before your other senses are aware of it. I remember walking through an Austin park many years ago searching f... More

Gallon $14.50

Forestieria angustifolia 'Pendula' Zone 6b to 9a

Weeping Texas Swamp Privet! We love the form of this South Texas native shrub. I enjoy how the pendant stems arch and mound in a free form fashion creating an informal flowing shrub that could easily be labeled as living modern ... More

Gallon $16.75

Gardenia jasminoides 'Kleim's Hardy' Zone 7b to 10

Fragrant white stars! A very cold hardy and disease resistant gardenia that has won our hearts. The single fragrant flowers appear in late spring. 'Kleim's Hardy' has distinctive shiny black-green leaves that are resistant... More

Gallon $14.00

Jatropha dioica Zone 9 to 11

Leatherstem! This plant has so many weird and wacky features that it is hard to know where to start first when describing it. It develops 1/2" diameter, occasionally branching, leathery stems reaching 24" to 30" ... More

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Lindera benzoin Zone 5 to 9

Spice bush! This medium-sized shrub is the food source for the spice bush swallow-tail butterfly. The female butterfly lays her eggs on the leaves of this plant and the larva chew elliptical cutouts on the edges ... More

Gallon $15.00

Items 1 to 25 of 36 total

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