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Woody Lilies

Woody Lilies

A very popular group of New World plants that characterize the southwestern United States and Mexico. They are equally at home in more northern latitudes as container plants and add distinction to any garden setting. Many are hardy to zero and show great promise as the new wave of plants being introduced to popular culture.

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Agave lophantha 'Quadricolor' Zone 8b to 10

Kaleidoscope Agave! This variegated dwarf agave is so beautiful that it is nearly impossible to offer. When people see it they just can't say no. The cultivar name 'Quadricolor' is only partially descriptive because the ... More

Pint $18.50

Agave lophantha 'Splendida' Zone 7 to 10

This broad leaved, yet compact selection of Agave lophantha was introduced by Ted Stevens of Nurseries Caroliniana. This selection has broad, dark-green leaves which are punctuated by a prominent, br... More

Half-Pint $16.00

Sale: $12.80

Agave macroacantha Zone 9b to 10

Succulent blue foliage! This unique, blue agave makes a striking container plant with its sausage-like leaves highlighted with dark-brown to black spines and its small size. Mature specimens are so attractive that several ye... More

Gallon $18.00

Agave macroacantha 'Blue Ribbon' New! Zone 10 to 10

Blue Ribbon Agave! How do you make a great Agave greater? Find a variegated version of it, at least for those that like variegated plants would conclude such. Agave macrotantha the species is wonderful and unique in its... More

Quart $30.00

Agave ornithobroma Zone 9 to 10

Bird food Agave! Parrots in Sinaloa, Mexico love to eat the flowers of this Agave and this is the reason for the botanical name. Though you are unlikely to eat its flowers, there are plenty of reasons for people to lo... More

Pint $12.00

Sale: $7.20

Agave ornithobroma 'Spanish Moss' New! Zone 9b to 10

Ooh… Aaah...! We made this selection of Agave ornithobroma because we liked the long filifers that hang very elegantly in relaxed curling pairs from the leaf margins. The plant also develops a good rounded symmetri... More

Quart $18.00

Agave ovatifolia - 1 gallon Zone 7 to 9a

The most amazing! Lynn Lowery first collected this plant in the late eighties in the Sierra Lampazos Mountains of Northeastern Mexico. It quickly became a favorite. Since it rarely offsets it is seldom offered but alwa... More

Pint $28.00

Agave palmeri - Chiricahua Mts. Zone 7b to 10

Yellow teeth with blue leaves! A distinguishing feature of this glaucous-green agave is its close-set small teeth that range from cream to yellow and red along the edges of emerging leaves. Palmer’s agave is a handsome plant that... More

Out of stock

Agave parrasana Zone 7b to 10

Cabbage head! Very tight cabbage-like rosette of steel-blue color with large exposed teeth. This attractive species offsets quickly to form a dense colony. Prefers a climate with moderate to low humidity. Will gr... More

Half-Pint $10.00

Agave parrasana 'Meat Claw' Zone 7b to 10

A very fine selection! We chose this selection from a block containing hundreds of seedlings at Mountain States Wholesale Nursery in Phoenix, Arizona, because of its perfect form and jagged teeth. Luckily it offsets more th... More

Out of stock

Agave parryi var. huachucensis Zone 6b to 10

Large hardy form! Agave parryi var. huachucensis tends to grow larger rosettes with larger, wider leaves compared to other varieties. It inhabits the moister climes associated with oak and pine woodlands. Tested cold h... More

Out of stock

Agave polianthiflora New! Zone 8 to 9b

Red flowering agave! I guess this might be one of the few Agaves that you would grow for its flowers. Agaves are impressive when they flower, no doubt, but this one is one of the few whose flowers are brightly colored. Th... More

Pint $9.00

Agave polyacantha var. xalapensis Zone 9a to 10

Jade Green! This agave is found growing on the lava fields near Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico. The thick, moderately-wide leaves of this agave are a rich, dark-green and have an almost translucent quality, like gazing... More

Gallon $17.00

Sale: $13.60

Agave potatorum 'Cameron Blue' New! Zone 10 to 10

A compact symmetrical clone of Agave poratorum introduced by Ranch Tissue Technologies in California. It has broad sliver-blue leaves displaying good bud imprinting and has a long, sinuous terminal s... More

Pint $12.00

Agave potatorum 'Snowfall' Zone 10 to 10

After a snowfall! Agaves, in areas where they are hardy, can be so stunningly beautiful after light dustings of snow. Snow seems to soften yet enhance an Agaves rigid silhouette. Unfortunately Agave potatorum is not h... More

Out of stock

Agave salmiana 'Butterfingers' Zone 9 to 10

Butterfingers Agave! This Agave salmiana variegate develops a rosette of narrowly, upright dark-green leaves to 36" tall and are highlighted by creamy yellow leaf margins. The creamy yellow margins contrast with the dark ... More

Quart $22.00

Sale: $15.40

Agave schidigera--Durango Zone 8b to 10

Durango form! A compact form that was found by Greg Starr of Tucson, Arizona. He found it at a high elevation in open woodlands composed mainly of pines and oaks. Also, observed clinging to sheer rock faces where i... More

Pint $12.00

Sale: $7.20

Agave sp. 'Baja' Zone 9 to 10

Pot Perfect! A small agave that resembles dwarf forms of Agave potato rum but with finer teeth. We acquired our plant from Kyle Robinson, a customer who lives in Houston, Texas. He said it thrived in heat... More

Pint $12.00

Sale: $8.40

Agave sp. 'Mr Ripple' - 3 Gallon Zone 7b to 10

Mr Ripple! If you want a plant that stops traffic, this agave is for you. It has already stopped traffic once. While traveling from Cuidad Maiz to El Naranjo, Carl and I were conversing about plants when suddenl... More

Out of stock

Agave sp. Hwy 85 Hidalgo, MX Zone 8b to 10

Years ago when we were traveling through the state of Hidalgo, Mexico we spotted this plant growing amongst low, spiny shrubs and cacti. The particular spot where we saw it was on a dangerous curve, i... More

Quart $15.00

Sale: $12.00

Agave sp. Ruth Bancroft Silver Zone 8b to 10

Silver Wings! Years ago we received this plant from the Ruth Bancroft Garden labeled as Agave potatorum. Though it certainly resembles A. potatorum in some ways it differs in others. This plant grows larger than tr... More

Pint $16.50

Sale: $13.20

Agave striata 'Live Wires' Zone 8a to 10

Living Wire Agave! Agave striata comes in a multitude of forms. You can find plants in different habitats with few leaves, lots of leaves, rigid-erect leaves, weepy-flexible leaves, green colored leaves, silver colored ... More

Half-Pint $15.00

Agave striata var. falcata Zone 7 to 10

Hardy, pencil-like foliage! (Our original offerings of this variety, years back, turned out to be another form of Agave striata, which has many more leaves. We got confused, what can I say!) This true Agave striata ... More

Pint $12.75

Agave titanota 'Genryu Kifukurin' New! Zone 10 to 10

Agave titanota variegate! We originally got this clone of Agave titanota from Tony Avent of Plant Delights Nursery. It forms tight symmetrical rosettes composed of broad, blunt, olive to blue-green leaves that showcase numerou... More

Quart $28.00

Agave victoria-reginae Compacta Zone 8a to 10

Compact Queen's Agave! Petit crown, that is the best short description for this form of agave, victoria-reginae. It has numerous stout, dark-green leaves which are dazzlingly highlighted with prominent, white bud imprints a... More

Pint $16.00

Sale: $9.60

Items 26 to 50 of 83 total

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