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Crinum x virginicum


Crinum x virginicum

Y12-51 — Zone 7b to 10aGarden Origin

Stands the test of time! Famous quotes and ancient stories are often attributed to “anonymous” yet their wisdom is so solid and they are so entertaining that they become timeless touchstones valued by generation after generation. Many great plants are like this as well. Their beauty, adaptability and durability keep them pertinent to numerous generations of gardeners, regardless of when they first came about. Crinum x virginicum is one of those plants that is listed as old hybrid of unknown origin yet time can not diminish it value. During the warm summer months, after significant rain events, this plant produces sturdy flower spikes with numerous white trumpet shaped flowers. The individual petals comprising the trumpets have light red veins running down the center of each petal. When back lit by morning sun they glow as if they are lit within yet on cloudy or overcast days the flowers still provide a brightness that is timeless indeed.

Full Sun
Grows to 36 inches x 24 inches.
1-Bulb $30.00
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