Dyckia sp. Bolivia

A plant native to dry Chaco where it can be found with skinny stemmed tree cacti; leafless Mesquites, that have 8" thorns; Gymnocalycium pflanzii: several Echinopsis and enough other spiny things to seriously pluck the scales off of a dragon's tail. This plant develops 8" to 10" diameter rosettes and with time spreads and make sizable colonies. The acid green leaves have an even row of teeth lining the leaf margins which resurvey toward the center of the plant and are sharp enough to grab and take hold. Cold hardiness is unknown, we are only guessing that it is hardy to Zone 9. Originally we offered this plant as “Dyckia or Deuterocohnia sp. Bolivia” because we were uncertain of what it was. Our seedlings have now bloomed and we are now certain that it is a Dyckia. We do not know what species it is but it is a Dyckia. The flowers are orange and the flower spike originates off to the side of the mother rosette, unlike a Deuterocohnia , which would have a flower spike that would bloom out of the center of the mother rosette and is a terminal bloomer. The flower spikes are reaching heights of up to 4’ and are thin and wiry. The spikes are green-gray in color and appear to be non-branching (at least at the moment )and hold torpedo-shaped, orange colored flowers that have non-flaring sepals, which is typical of Dyckias from the more arid regions.
Southern Bolivia
9 to 10
10 inches x 18 inches
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