Dyckia sp. Campo Alegre, Santa Catarina

Natural variable Dyckia complex or hybrid swarm? In 2010, we had the opportunity to travel in and around the town of Campo Alegre, in Santa Catarina, Brazil, with Constantino Gastaldi as our guide. He showed us several populations of Dyckia around the town. The plants from the different hillsides, all within the potential flight radius of a population of ambitious hummingbirds, were quite variable in leaf color, leaf spination and leaf width, yet the plants had other attributes that were quite similar to each other. There was a discussion about the numerous plants around the town and if there were several species represented or if the plants represented one highly variable species or if this was a natural hybrid swarm. I was at the location for only one day but knowing how Dyckia cross like crazy in a given vicinity, I tend to think these plants represent a hybrid swarm or just a very variable species complex, not numerous different species. The seedlings we have are derived from seed given to me by Constantino. Just like the wild population the plants are all over the map as far as leaf color, leaf width, marginal spination and other traits, so who knows what we have here. Only time will tell.
Santa Catarina, Brazil
8b to 10
8 inches x 12 inches
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