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Echinocactus texensis with fruit

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  • Echinocactus texensis
  • Echinocactus texensis
  • Echinocactus texensis with fruit


Echinocactus texensis

Q00-03 — Zone 7 to 10Texas

Horse Crippler! We need not provide much of an introduction for this cactus. The large, flattened bodies with bold erect spines have been the bane of cattleman and horse riders throughout the southwest. But, to the cactus fancier, this plant is indispensable for it ability to tolerate cold temperatures and humid, moist conditions. The flowers are pale-pink to off-white, with red centers and are followed by red, fleshy fruit (see photo) which adds another dimension to this cacti's attractive nature.

Full Sun
Great for Containers
Grows to 6 inches x 12 inches.
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Notes and observations about this plant

Most moisture-tolerant non-Opuntiad cactus by Patrick McMillan, SC Botanical Garden
By far the most moisture-tolerant non-Opuntiad cactus we have grown. Our collection has withstood being nearly submerged from November through August this year (over 75" of rain in 2013) and flowered vigorously, no rot - full sun lover in the moist Southeast.
(Posted on 9/1/13)
slow to adjust by Gregory Sanoff
Mine has not grown from the day that I planted it and certainly no flowers. It is planted in a raised cactus bed and has been sunburned every which way from Sunday backwards. Probably I should move it but it is so settled in to its spot it seems to hide from me, so I suspect it does not want to be moved! (Posted on 1/24/13)
Favorite Echinocacti by Richard Jennings
I have three of these, and they are my favorite Echinocacti, mostly because of their notoriety.

One thing I have found is that they require some shading in our desert area. Southeastern California's desert sun (in Palm Desert) is so ferocious that it can sunburn these cacti, at least when they are grown in pots. (Posted on 2/11/11)
A must for a cacti garden! by Lupe Cook
I have the Horse Crippler in my cactus garden and was surprised it survived the cold & wet weather we had in '09. I live in Victoria. Indeed it has beautiful flowers. It is a must for a cacti garden. (Posted on 7/2/10)

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