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Hymenocallis acutifolia


Hymenocallis acutifolia

Y03-24 — Zone 7b to 10Mexico

The last spider lily to flower! The last spider lily to flower! We got this late-flowering species from Thad Howard a few years back and can assure you that it is a very tough plant. We had to pry the bulbs out of the heavy black muck with tools that were bent and worthless after a few minutes of heaving. Spider lilies are heirloom bulbs that survive the rigors of rough environments but satisfy the visual desire for delicate beauty. Other than the foliage color, shape and the flowering times spider lilies are difficult to distinguish. You cannot do it by simply looking at the flowers.

Partial Sun
Great for Containers
Grows to 24 inches x 30 inches.
1-Bulb $15.00
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