Zephyranthes La Bufa Rosa Group nomenclature

John David of the Royal Horticultural Society, United Kingdom, recently contacted us to settle on a naming and spelling for Zephyranthes sp. Labuffarosa that complies with the standards of the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants (ICNCP). Zephyranthes sp. Labuffarosa was originally introduced and named by Yucca Do Nursery back in 1994. At the time, we were novices and uneducated in the rules that govern botanical nomenclature. Over the years, the plant has become popular and is distributed widely with various spellings, such as Zephyranthes sp. Labuffarosa, Labuffarosea, Labufaroseus and La Buffa Rose. Since the plant appears to be a hybrid race or swarm, and has not been described as a new species, John David recommended that the plant should be listed as a "Group" to house the various clones that are being introduced until its future status is settled.

A little history. The plants were first discovered in the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico, on a small mountain range east of the Sierra Madre Oriental known as the Sierra Chiquita. They were collected beneath various evergreen trees on the north side of "La Bufa del Diente" mountain. John G. Fairey and Carl Max Schoenfeld wanted to come up with a name that would commemorate the site and invoke the predominate color pallet of this plant - pink, or "rosa" in Spanish. So they gave this plant the name Zephyranthes La Bufa Rosa.

Zephyranthes La Bufa Rosa Group 

Below are the new spelling of the clones we at Yucca Do have named;


The following are named by Tony Avent, Plant Delights;


The naming could change once again if, after further study, an individual decides to publish this "Group" as a species or hybrid grex, but for the moment this will be the official naming. We encourage all folks that cultivate and sell this plant to adjust their spelling to this standard so there is consistency in the nomenclature of this Zephyranthes.