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Pachyphytum hookeri

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  • Pachyphytum hookeri
  • Pachyphytum hookeri


Pachyphytum hookeri

Y12-25 — Zone 9b to 10Mexico

Hooker's Fat Plant! This slowly, offsetting, stemless succulent makes beautiful tight rosettes of cylindrical, fat succulent leaves. The plump narrow leaves are a light, olive-green and have a silvery bloom or sheen that coats the outer leaf surface giving the plant a dusted in sugar effect. Though each leaf looks mighty appetizing I wouldn’t' suggest eating any. This plant is an excellent candidate for raised areas in the dry shady garden, pockets in rock walls or the shady container collection.

Tips: If you live in a hot, hot area avoid excessive irrigation during the heat of the summer. Folks in mild summer areas may be able to attempt this plant in near full sun but if your summers are HOT part-sun to shade is recommended.

Partial Sun
Great for Containers
Grows to 4 inches x 6 inches.

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