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Agave americana var protoamericana - local cultivate Zone 7b to 10

Tough as Leather! This is most likely a form of Agave americana protoamericana or one of the A. protoamerican intergrades with A. asperima (syn. A. scabra) that has been cultivated ... More

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Agave chrysoglossa Zone 9 to 10

Another Soap Agave! According to Gentry’s “Agaves of Continental North America”, Agave chrysoglossa is closely related to Agave vilmoriniana but the leaves are flatter and straighter and the inflorescence is non-bu... More

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Agave dasylirioides Zone 9 to 10

Sotol maguey! This plant probably represents the oldest living relic of the agave clan - clinging to outcroppings of volanic rock in a climate that is mild and moist year around you begin to see that this not your ... More

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Dyckia sp. Bolivia Zone 9 to 10

A plant native to dry Chaco where it can be found with skinny stemmed tree cacti; leafless Mesquites, that have 8" thorns; Gymnocalycium pflanzii: several Echinopsis and enough other spiny things to s... More

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Echinocactus setispinus Zone 7b to 10

Fishhook Cactus! For us this is one of the best growing barrel cactus - tolerating the heat and humidity of the Gulf Coast region. Easily grown in a raised bed or planted in a clay pot which can be left outdoors under... More

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Jatropha podagrica Zone 10 to 10

Summer fun! It is hard to believe that this strange looking castor-bean-like plant with large, shiny leaves that resemble a maple could do so well in the hot Texas sun. Odd also is that this drought tolerant shru... More

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Trichocereus camarguensis Zone 9b to 10

A clustering cactus producing several, slender, upright to partially decumbent stems that reach 15 in. to 25 in. tall. The individual stems are covered with numerous needle-like golden to grayish colo... More

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