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Agave americana var protoamericana - local cultivate Zone 7b to 10

Tough as Leather! This is most likely a form of Agave americana protoamericana or one of the A. protoamerican intergrades with A. asperima (syn. A. scabra) that has been cultivated ... More

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Agave chrysoglossa Zone 9 to 10

Another Soap Agave! According to Gentry’s “Agaves of Continental North America”, Agave chrysoglossa is closely related to Agave vilmoriniana but the leaves are flatter and straighter and the inflorescence is non-bu... More

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Agave colimana Zone 9 to 10

- An attractive plant with long, narrow leaves and long filifers that form a single rosette. Found just above the Pacific coastline in places with high-tide salt spray. As the name suggests, it is nativ... More

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Agave dasylirioides Zone 9 to 10

Sotol maguey! This plant probably represents the oldest living relic of the agave clan - clinging to outcroppings of volanic rock in a climate that is mild and moist year around you begin to see that this not your ... More

Pint $14.00

Agave durangensis Zone 8 to 10

Durango Agave!
This moderate to large growing Agave is found at moderate elevations (5500' to 8500') on open rocky slopes in the high grasslands of Durango and Zacatecas, MX. It has broad, silver leaves, which have ... More

Half-Pint $12.50

Agave filifera ssp. schidigera (or ssp. microceps) Zone 8b to 10

Attractive pot specimen! Agave filifera and Agave schidigera are two very similar looking species that have always been difficult for an average collector to tell apart. The feature that has normally been used to separate the... More

Pint $11.00

Agave funkiana Zone 7 to 10

Steely blue dagger! In the rain shadow of the Sierra Madre Oriental, south of CD Victoria this clumping agave makes an impressive show. Each individual plant has 18 in. to 2' tall dagger-like leaves that are a steely blu... More

Pint $12.50

Agave gypsophila Zone 10 to 11

This clone of Agave gypsohila has olive green leaves with a gray-silver casting. The margins of the leaves are lined with numerous small teats that are tipped with small black spines. The undulating w... More

Pint $14.00

Agave ornithobroma Zone 9 to 10

Bird food Agave! Parrots in Sinaloa, Mexico love to eat the flowers of this Agave and this is the reason for the botanical name. Though you are unlikely to eat its flowers, there are plenty of reasons for people to lo... More

Pint $12.00

Agave salmiana 'Butterfingers' Zone 9 to 10

Butterfingers Agave! This Agave salmiana variegate develops a rosette of narrowly, upright dark-green leaves to 36" tall and are highlighted by creamy yellow leaf margins. The creamy yellow margins contrast with the dark ... More

Quart $22.00

Agave wocomahi Zone 9a to 10

Sweet Agave!
According to Gentry's "Agaves of Continental North America", this moderate sized, green to glaucous green agave, is sweet and is suitable for eating and making Mescal by the Warihio Indians of Northwe... More

Half-Pint $12.50

Agave x (isthmensis x colimana) Zone 9b to 10

A while back I came across an offering for seed of this hybrid cross. I just had to try growing the seed to see the resulting plants. Both species are great container plants, so I have great hopes for... More

Pint $11.00

Aloe x 'Pepe' Zone 10 to 10

Pepe Aloe! This hybrid of Aloe descoingsii x A. haworthioides is one of my favorite aloes in my potted aloe collection. I love its tight, clustering habit of almost micro-sized, perfectly-symmetrical rosettes. I... More

Half-Pint $7.50

Aloe x nobilis Zone 9b to 10

Golden Toothed Aloe
This Aloe x nobilis clone was given to us years ago by Tom Peace. Over the years that we have kept it in our container collection it has always been highly admired. In overall form, it is a c... More

Quart $14.50

Aristolochia aff ridicula -- Laguna Tatarenda, Bolivia Zone 9b to 10

We saw this large vine Duchman’s Pipe in Southern Bolivia growing in a heavily forested area near a lake. We were amazed by the height at which the vines grew because they easily reached into the ca... More

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Caesalpinia ferrea var. leiostachya Zone 9b to 10

Leopard Tree, Brazilian Ironwood! A moderate size tree to 45' tall with a broad spreading canopy. The foliage is soft and ferny and the species has no spines. Small yellow flowers occur in clusters at the branch tips during the summer... More

Pint $12.00

Callistemon polandii Zone 9a to 10

Gold-tipped bottlebrush! This specie's flowers are a bright red but sport golden tipped anthers, thus, the trait that gives the species it common name. This species generally grows to become a dense shrub at about 12' tall an... More

Quart $12.50

Cleistocactus samaipatanus Zone 9 to 10

In early 2010, I was searching for Cactus seed online and found images of the flowers of Cleistocactus samaipatanus and was smitten with the show. Whether the plant would survive for me, I did not kno... More

Pint $11.00

Coryphantha aff pycnacantha Zone 8b to 10

We originally got this plant as Coryphantha andraea and have found that that name is placed as synonym status. Like all cacti, it has at least 5 different names because taxoninomist change t... More

Pint $10.50

Dyckia dawsonii Zone 9a to 10

Spiny pinwheel! The symmetrical, pinwheel-like rosettes have a great amber-bronze color in good light. The margins of the leaves have prominent, sharp, recurving teeth that are a much lighter color compared to the le... More

Pint $18.00

Dyckia sp. Bolivia Zone 9 to 10

A plant native to dry Chaco where it can be found with skinny stemmed tree cacti; leafless Mesquites, that have 8" thorns; Gymnocalycium pflanzii: several Echinopsis and enough other spiny things to s... More

Pint $19.50

Dyckia x 'Cherry Coke' Zone 8b to 10

Cherry Coke Dyckia! Over the years this Dyckia clone has consistently been one of our favorites. The dark, rich-red leaf color, the large overall mature size, and the tall, branching, floriferous flower spikes are all at... More

Pint $13.50

Echinocactus setispinus Zone 7b to 10

Fishhook Cactus! For us this is one of the best growing barrel cactus - tolerating the heat and humidity of the Gulf Coast region. Easily grown in a raised bed or planted in a clay pot which can be left outdoors under... More

Pint $11.00

Eucomis autumnalis - Bedford, SA, form Zone 7 to 9

Vigorous Pineapples Lilies! Pineapple Lilies get their common name for the resemblance of the flowers to a pineapple fruit. The foliage speaks to me of moist mountain tops and cool streams. These are not their requirements, just... More

Quart $11.50

Gasteria croucheri -Open pollinated seedlings Zone 9b to 11

Croucher's Gasteria!
This species of Gasteria is one of the larger growing species, with rosettes reaching up to 15" in height and 24" in diameter. The rosettes are composed of triangular shaped, lanceolate leaves that ar... More

Pint $12.50

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