Tecoma aff. garrocha

Years ago when we first traveled through Salta Provence, Argentina, we saw this beautiful Tecoma in bloom but found no seed. We encountered the plant on several other occasions but always missed ripe seed. Ten years after our first encounter with the plant we finally happened across ripe, un-parasitized seed and now have seedlings to offer. In habitat this species grows into a multi-trunked, upright, open shrub over 12' in height. Clusters of dark-orange, tubular flowers are produced at the ends of the limber cane like branches, which are enlivened by the slightest of breezes. Hummingbirds love this species and while observing and photographing the plant I heard numerous hummers buzz by. Tips: This plant comes from a semi-arid area and once established is very drought tolerant in deep rich soils but needs consistent early irrigation to get the plant off to a good start.
Salta Province, Argentina
9 to 10
12 feet x 5 feet
$15.00 Quart #D31-18  In stock

Notes and observations about this plant

Patience is the key
This plant was in the ground on a well-drained hillside location in our Austin garden where it grew, and grew, and grew to its full 12-ft height without a single bloom. Then, suddenly, last summer it must have reached maturity because the blooms began coming and it happily produced for months. Patience is the key with this tacoma and you shall be rewarded with flowers and hummingbirds. (Posted on 11/5/2012 by Jessi Trudeau).

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