Echinopsis formosa var. amaichensis

This generally-solitary-to-sometimes-multi-bodied barrel cactus comes from high elevations, (approx. 9000'') in the mountains of Tucuman Province, Argentina. It has a rounded body that is normally an acid green in color and has numerous ribs which are covered with long thin, needle-like, golden spines. Flowers are said to be orange. The plant is noted to be closely related to E. bruchii but is considered to be more rare. This plant is typically found growing on rocky slopes amongst short grasses in fully exposed sites. However in habitat the plant is often bathed in fog during the summer months and even when exposed to full sun, heat is typically not a factor. When cultivating this plant in low elevation zones where it is hot, hot, a bit of shade may benefit this plant. Originally we offered plants of this seed batch as Trichocereus aff leucantha - La Vinita, Salta. This was incorrect (first mistake we have ever made, wink , wink). There was apparently a mix up of seed along the way and because the label on the seedlings said "trichocereus" and I did not question it. A special thanks to Scott Ogden for checking into the identity of these plants. He saw the plants in the nursery and questioned their the name. In combination with his research and information I had of the region where the seed came we feel certain that the plants sold here are actually Echinopsis formosa var. amaichensis. If you purchased Trichocereus aff leucantha - La Vinita, Salta please change your lables. At least that is the name you should use unless we find out otherwise, (wink wink).
Tucuman Province, Argentina
8a to 10
14" x 12"
$12.50 Half-Pint #D26-55  In stock

Notes and observations about this plant

It is a Knockout
I have seen this plant growing at Juniper-Level Botanical Gardens, and IT IS A KNOCKOUT!

It's long, golden spines shine in the feeblest light, more so when placed near the crest of a berm or hillside where its luminosity can be seen from a distance. Because of its intense, uniform golden aura, this cactus is suitable for mass-planting for a truly remarkable landscape statement.

It is a rapid grower as barrel cacti go, soon satiating one's desire for a hefty specimen in the garden.

Though I bought my plants late in the season of 2012 and planted them out as autumn was in stride, they have been unharmed by rain, snow, or freezing rain that glazed them thickly in ice!

Yucca Do's selection is a BRILLIANT PLANT - and not to be found elsewhere.

I say - get 'em while they last! (Posted on 2/17/2013 by MJPapay).

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