Trichocereus terscheckii

Argentine saguaro! This hardy tree cactus with branching stems resembles the giant saguaros of Arizona but it is much more forgiving in cultivation. Here along the upper Texas coast we receive most of our rainfall during the cool winter months which is not to the liking of most large cactus. The Argentine saguaro has been perfectly happy growing through several record rainfalls and extreme summer heat to 112 degrees. Plant are in 1 gallon size pots and are approx. 8" to 10" tall
8b to 10
40 feet x -

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Notes and observations about this plant

Adjust to increased light with care and caution.
If this cactus is kept indoors in the winter, then set out in the summer they Sun burn very quickly. I use a shade cloth.
(Posted on 7/9/2013 by sabato j petrillo.).

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