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About Yucca Do Nursery

Yucca Do Nursery, Inc. specializes in Drought and Heat Tolerant Plants. Our nursery is located in Zone 8b in the coastal plains region of southeastern Texas, approximately 150 miles inland, at an altitude of 400 feet. Our annual rainfall is 35 inches with average temperatures from 20 to 95 degrees. Our soil is pH neutral. Although the majority of our plants are best suited for this climate, many are hardy outside this range.

Ordering and Shipping Information

For ordering, shipping, and customer service information, please see our Customer Service page

Visiting the Nursery

Yucca Do Nursery is not planning to have specific retail open dates this year, or in the near future. Though the Giddings location is operational, it is not organized for large groups to walk around and shop. We have too many items that are not for sale (propagation material and personal collections of plants) mixed with plants that are for sale. Open retail is logistically impossible.

However, we do allow personal shopping opportunities where individuals or small groups of up to 6 people can come and shop. Folks can also arrange to pick-up their orders. If you wish to come and shop, or arrange for a pick-up order, you should first send us an email info@yuccado.com stating when you want to visit. We will email you to let you know if that date will be available. You can also try to call (979-542-8811) and arrange for a visit, but we are often difficult to reach by phone. Mondays and Wednesdays are usually the best days to find someone in the office. Fridays and Saturdays are the days that are generally set up for visitation. Once a date and time have been determined, directions to the nursery will be sent by email.

If you wish to come and shop, we encourage you to investigate our website prior to the visit to familiarize yourself with the plants we offer, and the prices. Since the nursery does not have regular onsite retail, items in the nursery are not priced individually.