Aechmea distichantha

Giant Aechmea! The largest growing hardy bromeliad you can grow in the deep south. The light green leaves are heavily armed and outreaching, so plant away from the garden path but in view of a window where on cold winter mornings you can see its tropical flare. A slow growing plant that needs winter protection from cold when winter temps reach the mid teens. Best planted at the base of trees or palms where the effects of root competing limits the use of other plants but benefit this one because of its shade and drought tolerances. In time each rosette will produce a vibrant pink flower spike with bright purple flowers in late spring. Note:Offered here are Bare-root divisions.
9a to 10
3 feet x 4 feet

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Notes and observations about this plant

Hardiness experience.
These plants will take full sun and can handle mid teens with only minimal damage from such low temps. Plants grown in full sun tend to be smaller and more compact than those that are grown in shade.

Addendum from Yucca Do Staff: Though well established plants of this species can tolerate brief temperature drops into the mid-teens, it resents extended periods of below freezing temperatures. When the temps. drop into the 20's or lower for several days on end it can be severely damaged. (Posted on 4/10/2011 by Chris).

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