Agave americana var protoamericana 'Pokey Ghost'

Silver select! This selection of A. americana var. protoamericana was selected because of the silver coloration to the leaves, the pronounced teating of the leaf margins and its compact size. The silver leaves and undulating leaf form evoke a ghost-like spooky presence, especially on foggy mornings. This selection offsets freely and can make multi-plant colonies with time. If a single plant specimen is desired then occasionally removal of extra pups will be required.
Garden Origin
8a to 10
3.5 feet x 5 feet

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Notes and observations about this plant

Blue in Austin
The 'pokey ghost' is the bluest and most beautiful of all my larger variety agaves. With it's huge protruding teeth, bands of silver to blue and great upright form, it's simple the finest. It has done well over the recent winters here in Austin and the winter rains seems to have no impact on it. (Posted on 8/1/2013 by Mike M).
'Pokey Ghost' has never blinked at cold & snow & ice storms - and for eight years has graced my garden with its dramatic form and color irregardless of whatever weather has come its way. (Posted on 3/27/2010 by Michael Papay).

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