Agave bracteosa

Octopi! A spineless and toothless agave that resembles a group of octopi laying amongst the boulders. The 24 in. wide rosettes of bright-green leaves offset to form colonies in their native habitat clinging to rock on sheer cliffs. Once mature, they produce 3' tall flower spikes densely packed with cream-colored flowers that are very showy. This one-of-a-kind plant is quite adaptable, thriving in deep-shade as well as full-sun. More tolerant of moisture than most agaves as long as the soil is well-drained.
Mexico, Nuevo Leon
7b to 10
20 inches x 24 inches
$14.00 Quart #T36-23  In stock

Notes and observations about this plant

An amazing Agave
This was in my first order from Yucca Do, and it is the most forgiving Agave I have. It has grown for years with neglect in the same pot and has withstood, extreme heat, and many a coating of ice and sleet. Winter 2010/11 had it down to 12 Fahrenheit with day temps in the low 20s for almost a week. Once it thawed out, it was just as happy as it ever was. No damage! An amazing Agave for sure. (Posted on 3/2/2011 by Pat Gabriel).

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