Agave ferox 'Green Goblet'

In an area in Mexico near the Sierra Chiquita, where all agaves are gray-green, we noticed a decidedly different plant. This lone agave was dark-green and its foliage, instead of sprawling in every direction like its neighbors, was orderly and tight in form. After observing 'Green Goblet' in the garden, we noted that its leaf base is dusted with a blue haze, giving an iridescent glow to its center. No damage at 15 degrees F. Note: Offered here are bare-root pups.
eastern Mexico
7b to 10
5 feet x 7 feet

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Notes and observations about this plant

Green Goblet in Bloom
I purchased this agave from YuccaDo around 2002 as a small one gallon size plant. Planted under mostly morning shade of post oaks on a small hill with hot south-central Texas afternoon sun. It has put out numerous pups while the main plant grew to just over 6' high by about 8' wide. This year in March it put on a huge bloom spike about 5in. in diameter and about 20+ft tall. It's a beautiful plant, from the deep green to the whitish blue frosty center. Hummingbirds are loving the yellow fragrant flowers 20ft. in the air. (Posted on 5/5/2013 by Scott Vajdak).

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