Agave lophantha 'Quadricolor'

Kaleidoscope Agave! This variegated dwarf agave is so beautiful that it is nearly impossible to offer. When people see it they just can't say no. The cultivar name 'Quadricolor' is only partially descriptive because the leaves can have a multitude of colors depending on the time of year. Normally the leaves are a combination of olive-green, dark-green and cream and are lined with a row of fine teeth that when young are a rich amber, aging to black, then ultimately to grey. If that were not enough under drought and cold the leaves can flush shades of pink to red. So ultimately four colors would not be enough to properly describe the cultivar.
Garden origin
8b to 10
18 inches x 36 inches

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Notes and observations about this plant

Strikingly beautiful
I bought 4 'Quadricolors' in April 2015. I potted 2 and planted 2 in the ground. The potted 2 have grown larger than the 2 in the ground. 1 in the ground it doing well and 1 died–probably because it got less sun. In a year my 'Quads' have produced about 10 pups. I've found that the pups thrive best if you leave them alone and separate them when they are good sized. These are strikingly beautiful plants and the pups are a nice bonus. (Posted on 4/25/2016 by DangerGardener).
I can hardly take my eyes off of it
This is such a gorgeous plant that I can hardly take my eyes off of it and my camera can't stop taking pics of it either. It throws out pups like crazy so I have so many now I have to find some one to give them to. (Posted on 1/24/2013 by GregorySanoff).
Survived 13 degrees
I have this plant potted and on the patio. It survived 13 degree temps here in Austin with no problems. (Posted on 2/24/2011 by Hank).

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