Agave lophantha univittata type

Univittata type! This form of Agave lophantha has medium-sized, compact, symmetrical rosettes that grow to form tight, well behaved colonies. The leaves on young pups have a bright-green stripe that runs down the center of each leaf but with age the stripe fades and the leaves turn an even, dark green. The margins of the leaves are lined with stout papery teeth that recurve forwards and back and to me the leaves sort of look like double edged pruning saws. Unlike some forms of A lophantha that form chaotic, unruly rosettes, which look like a den of vipers, this form has a very tidy rosette and is very garden-worthy. This offering is for bare-root pups.
8a to 10
30 inches x 60 inches
$12.00 Division #Y11-20  In stock

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