Agave sp. 'Mr Ripple'

Mr Ripple! If you want a plant that stops traffic, this agave is for you. It has already stopped traffic once. While traveling from Cuidad Maiz to El Naranjo, Carl and I were conversing about plants when suddenly I yelled out "stop the car," for I had just seen the most awesome agave and knew it was one we had to have. It is a medium-sized agave that looks almost like a cross between A. salmiana and A. protoamericana but with broader leaves and a soft satiny texture. Each gray-green leaf twists and undulates - almost a reflection of the leaf next to it, giving the whole plant a-ripple-in-the-pond effect. The correct cultivar name for this plant is 'Mr. Ripple' some sites and retail outlets incorrectly list the plant as 'Mr. Ripples'. There is no "s" at the end of 'Mr. Ripple'!!!
7b to 10
4 feet x 6 feet

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