Agave stricta var. echinus ???

Echinus form of Agave striata! Several years back I purchased seed of Agave stricta var. echinus from an online seed source and the seedlings have grown off beautifully but I can find very little information about what constitutes the distinguishing characteristics separating this variety from the species. For a while thought I was sent seed of Agave striata, (A. stricta and A. striata are often confused in the trade) because the leaves of true Agave stricta are fairly flat in cross section while A. stricta are plumper and more rounded in cross section andthese seedlings in youth seemed to have plumper leaves than I thought true A. stricta should have. Over several years of growing these plants I have been perplexed about their identity and uncertain how I should offer them. As the seedlings have gained some age the leaves are now feeling flatter but I am still not certain of what this plant truly is. If you need to have certainty of species identity and nomenclature then this offering may not be for you but if a beautiful,vibrant pot specimen is all you are after then this plant will fit the bill just nicely.
9a to 10
12" x 12"

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