Agave titanota - Monstrose form

Monstrose Agave! Years ago Charles Carson of Virginia shared with me a start of this Monstrose clone of Agave titanota. It produces a mounding cluster of short spiky, gray-green leaves that never really forming a true rosette, thus its monstrose nature. Occasionally the plant tries to revert out of the monstrose condition and you will have small "true" or normal rosettes form amongst the mound of spiky leaves. The occasional true rosette, juxtaposed to the monstrose mass, can be fun and interesting and left alone but if too many of the true rosettes form they can potentially takeover the mass and you lose the monstrose plant, so be vigilant remove anything overly normal looking rosettes.
Garden origin
10 to 11
3" x 10"
$15.00 Half-Pint #Y12-56  In stock

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