Agave victoria-reginae

The queen of agaves! An incredible plant. When first glimpsed it does not look real, but like an artichoke carved out of green stone! A great container plant that is cold-hardy enough to be used in Southern landscapes. The plant being offered here are small open pollinated seedlings.
8a to 10
1 feet x 1 feet

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Notes and observations about this plant

Give it time
An extremely slow growing but very cold hardy, strong and sturdy agave. The pictured plant must be 5 years old at least at the rate mine is growing. One of my victoria-reginaes was directly stepped on by a neighbor kid (with a footprint under my plant) on the day after I planted it. Other than some bent terminal spines the plant was undamaged. Any other agave in my garden would have been heavily damaged. "The waiting is the hardest part" – Tom Petty. (Posted on 4/25/2016 by DangerGardener).
Agave victoria-reginae
Mine is an exceedingly slow grower, but the larger that it becomes the more beautiful it becomes. (Posted on 1/24/2013 by Gregory Sanoff ).
Be careful of repotting......
I repotted my 9" Agave Victoria reginae, and the roots were so dense they circled around and around in the pot. I tried pruning back some of the roots and the plant died. Be sure to either plant the whole root ball or start in a bigger pot. They have a tremendous root system unlike a lot of cacti. (Posted on 5/1/2010 by M. Smith).

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