Albuca nelsonii

Summer snowflakes! Several years ago we were given some bulbs of this South African plant we knew little about. We had never seen it bloom and were sceptical as to its ability to survive the erratic fluctuations of our climate. Now several years have passed and all scepticism about this plant has faded into history. It has proven to take sun, drought, torrential rains, cold temperatures, grasshoppers and all of the other stressful conditions we can experience here at Yuccadoland. The plant and foliage resemble that of a crinum. The flowers are unique and beautiful - white and green with three of the six segments opening wide and three remaining somewhat closed. They are arranged at the top of a 24 in. -36 in. terminal spike. Blooming occurs in late spring and sometimes again in the fall. Bare-root bulbs are offered here..
South Africa
8b to 10
24 inches x 20 inches
$16.00 1-Bulb #Y06-48  In stock

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