Alocasia macrorrhizos 'Shock Treatment'

Monstrose, Arrow Leaf Elephant Ear! Back in 2005, when traveling in Vietnam, our group traveled a hot dusty road north of Hanoi. The area was heavily populated and heavily impacted by agriculture with lots of small farms. The terrain to us "plant nuts" was seemingly uninteresting but we did come across a rock outcropping with big boulders where we took a driving break and found some bulbs that were somewhat interesting. I called this the road to the "Hot Rocks" because the day was hot and dry, (one of the few days on the trip it did not rain) and the road was long and dusty. We were getting ancy to find something of interest when Tony Avent noticed a clump of Alocasia macrorrhizos growing in the yard of one of the farmers. With the help of our driver, Tony got a few starts of the Alocasia from the enthusiastic homeowner and shared it with the rest of us. This monstrose leaf Alocasia presents upright stems to about 3' tall and has arrow shaped leaves atop the stems that are dark green with a bizarrely twisted and crinkled texture. Tony gave the plant the cultivar name 'Shock Treatment'. This plant has proven to be heat tolerant and cold hardy to zone 7b. In my yard, which can only be described as "harsh conditions", the plant has been slow but steady. Surviving and eventually thriving where all of the other Alocasias collected on the 2005 Vietnam trip perished over time.
7b to 10
24 inches x 36 inches

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