Aloe x (Aloe microstigma x Aloe striata)

Over the past few years I have been playing hybridizer with many of different aloes in our collection. I tend to dabble pollen between whatever is blooming at any given time, so I never know what crosses I may be able to attempt. I do it as much for a learning opportunity and less towards any given goal or outcome. Some of my crosses have produced more seedlings than I have room to fully absorb and contemplate, so we are offering them to experimental minded gardeners with and adventurous spirit. The seedlings being offered here are too young to have bloomed or express their full potential, so how these plant develop is anyone's guess and only time will reveal. These are all F1 crosses between non-hybrid species, so the seedlings should all be fairly uniform, expressing traits from both parents.
Garden Origin
9b to 10

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