Arum aff orienale

A number of years ago we got this unidentified Arum at a Houston area plant sale and have grown it successfully for many years. We are not Arum experts but we asked some friends that are more familiar with Arums and they suggested it could be a form of Arum orientale. This plant emerges from dormancy in late fall/early winter producing dark-green caladium like leaves but without spots or markings. Mature plants gets about 18" in height (about the height of tall caladium). I mention Caladiums to give you a point of reference or something to compare this plant to. In a way you could call Arums Winter Caladiums. The flowers of this species are maroon/black and occur in late winter/early spring before the plant heads back into summer dormancy. At the time these are being offered it is near the end of the growing season, so the bulbs will likely be going dormant or be dormant when they are shipped.
7 to 10
24" x 10"
$10.00 1-Bulb #Y14-15-5  In stock

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