Canna x 'Flaming Kabobs'

Flaming kabobs Canna! This Canna was found at a Houston plant sale several years ago. The folks that sold it could not provide a name and no one I have shown it to has ventured to identify it, so I am christening it 'Flaming Kabobs'. If someone knows its true identity let us know. It appears to be a primary hybrid because the flowers are larger than most true species but smaller that most grotesquely large, complex hybrids. The 3 in. long, open-flaring flowers have petals that are 1 in. wide. The flowers are a deep orange-red with lighter orange veining and splashing near the base of the petals. It is an ultra tough plant, surviving the summer of 2009 with little care. It repeatedly produced flower spikes throughout the summer of 2009 but grasshoppers ate the petals off before they could be enjoyed. When the reviving rains of September finally arrived this plant kicked into high gear and produced flowers in such abundance that the grasshoppers finally gave up. It gave a glorious fall show indeed! We no longer have potted plants of this variety. Bare-root rhizomes are what are currently being offered.
Garden Origin
8a to 10
4' x 6'

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Notes and observations about this plant

An absolute hummingbird favorite
An absolute hummingbird favorite. They spend more time nectaring on the Flaming Kabobs , than they do on the specie cannas, I've grown. (Posted on 3/4/2016 by Ed).

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