Coryphantha delatiana

Syn. Coryphantha pseudonickelsiae A small, short, cone shaped cactus native to Durango, Coahuila and Chihuahua, Mexico. The plant is mainly solitary in youth but can offset forming small clumping colonies with age. The small green bodies are covered with numerous needle like spines that emerge brown aging to white, that lay over the body forming a protective, interlacing network of spines which guard the plant from critter predation and intense sunlight. Pale-yellow, 1-1/4” diameter flowers occur in the summer months followed by green ovoid fruits that are slick and slimy when crushed. This plant prefers to receive most of it moisture during the summer months and to be kept dry during the cold seasons on the year. This species can be susceptible to rot if kept too wet in the colder parts of the year but I have successfully grown them under plastic, protected from rain in a greenhouse, without any problems for several years.
9 to 10
4" x 4"

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