Crinum buphanoides

The growth form of Crinum buphanoides resembles the growth form of bulbs from the genus Boophane, which is a South African bulb genus that presents the leaves of it rosettes in a distichous or fan-like manner. The plants has robust green leaves with heavily undulating margins, which is also a trait of Boophane. In late spring or summer, after good soaking rains, the plant produces, robust dome-shaped flower spikes that are composed of numerous, spidery, white flowers that are pleasantly fragrant. I am notorious for bemoaning about our climate and the difficulty that some plants have with our drought to flood cycle. This Crinum is one of those plants that shrugs off the difficulties that our erratic climate presents without skipping a beat and often rewards the savvy gardener wise enough to include it in their garden with periodic bursts of triumph. Bare-root bulbs offered here.
South Africa
8a to 10
28 inches x 36 inches
$15.00 1-Bulb #D14-58  In stock

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