Dasylirion acrotriche ssp. parryanum

Blue Sparkler! This plant is in form very much like Dasylirion acrothriche var. acrotriche but has blueish colored leaves and generally develops into a larger plant. The leaf tips are like D. acrotriche var. acrotriche in that they develop a frazzled appearance. The main population of this plant occurs in the Rocky Mountains, southwest of San Luis Potosi City, Mexico. This population occurs at a higher elevation than the green leafed Dasylirion acrothriche var. acrotriche making it somewhat less heat tolerant in our experience; however, if it is planted in partial sun or bright shade spot and given some additional irrigation during very dry periods,it can adapt to hot regions well. Tip: Dasylirions from very arid regions like Dasylirion wheeleri, Dasylirion acrotriche ssp. parryanum and Dasylirion leiophyllum can be susceptible to crown rot if they receive too much overhead irrigation during daylight hours, especially during extremely hot periods.This is especially a problem with younger immature plants. We suggest that you irrigate these arid loving species by soaking the ground around them and avoid wetting the leaves during especially hot periods. If you must irrigate them with overhead irrigation, when it is hot, we have found that irrigating them at night, so they dry off quickly in the morning helps reduce their susceptibility to crown rot. Also older, well established plants really need no supplemental irrigation unless under severe droughty conditions.
8 to 10
48" x 36"

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