Dasylirion texanum - 1 gallon

Texas sotol !! A native to the Texas Hill Country and westward into northern Mexico, this species is smaller, more tolerant of shade, moisture and extreme cold than other Dasylirions. It has shiny dark-green foliage with spines or prickles on the margins of the leaves. A very tough and adaptable plant.
6b to 10
3 feet x 5 feet

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Notes and observations about this plant

Hardy in Baltimore
Grew in zone 7 Northern Baltimore, in rocky soil on a slight berm, without any winter protection for 5 years. With six hours full sun it quickly became a large, beautiful, full specimen and never showed any signs of winter damage. Then I moved and had to leave it behind!
As soon as I get rid of an ugly silver maple on my new site, I will start again with this great plant. (Posted on 1/5/2011 by Tee Pee).

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