Deuterocohnia brevifolia f. chlorantha

This plants develops mounding colonies composed of small, 1-1/4" to 2" in diameter rosettes that are composed of medium-green, short, rigid, prickly leaves. As the plant grows and branches the mounding colony spreads outward covering rock and sloping hillsides helping to slow runoff and prevent soil erosion. These colonies from a distance often look soft and moss-like but they are anything but soft and cushy and touching or sitting on a plant would but more like encountering a bed of nails. Deuterocohnia brevifolia occurs from southern Bolivia to Northwestern Argentina. It is a very variable species from quite variable habitats. In humid, seasonally wet areas the little rosettes can be green, glabrous and glossy but in more arid locations the plants leaf surfaces can posses varying amounts of trichomes giving the rosettes a greenish-gray appearance. Deuterocohnia brevifolia f. chlorantha has proven to be an easy grower in our humid region, taking heat and periodic wet periods without difficulty. Though no Deuterocohnia brevifolia is a rapid grower this form seems to be one of the fastest and most carefree of the forms we have grown. This plant is great for container culture developing beautiful, impenetrable domes composed of multitudes of medium-green, 1-1/4", prickly rosettes. In habitat I have seen very old colonies that spread 6' to 8' across but in cultivation I have rarely seen specimens larger than 2' in diameter. Even if your plant only fills a 6" pot over a 6 to 8 year time period the results are well worth the wait.
Northwestern Argentina
9a to 10
10 inches x 24 inches

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